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May 2016

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Talking to Mrs. Stevenson by Madi Kammer

Hey gators it is Madi and it is May. Here are some things you need to know about May.

1) The last day of school is Wednesday May 25th, 2016.

2) The Fast Flash is May 14th. Good Luck.

3) The DIBELS EOY testing is coming up in the middle of May.

4) The annual Trike Hundred is May 19th.

That is it gators. My last Talking with Mrs.Stevenson of the year.


The South Creek PTO would like to thank our Gold Sponsor, Keffer Barnhart LLP by Amie Martens, for their support of The Gator Gallop. We received many generous corporate sponsorships allowing South Creek to have our first Fun Run on April 29th.


May 2nd - May 6th - Staff Appreciation Week

Tuesday, May 3rd - SC PTO meeting @ 7:00 pm (Acton principal attending mtg)

Friday, May 6th - Gator Gear Day!

Tuesday, May 17th - 5th Grade Spring Music Program @ 6:00 pm

Thursday, May 19th - Annual Trikehundred and Staff vs. Students Basketball Game @ 2:30

Wednesday, May 25th - Last Day of School! NO EARLY RELEASE! We go from 8:50-3:50.

Spring Music Program

The 5th Grade Spring Music Program will be on Tuesday May 17th at 6:00p.m. in the South Creek Gym. Students are to dress up and report to the music room at 5:40p.m.

All About Me by Rachel Snow

Hello, my name is Rachel Snow. I’m eleven years old and in the fifth grade. I’ve been at South Creek since kindergarten. My kindergarten teacher was the really awesome …….Miss.Butz!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in kindergarten I adopted a little brother named, Sam. Now he is in second grade and we go on lots of vacations. I am super excited about middle school but the one thing I will miss most about South Creek is my old teachers. I would like to thank my previous teachers and my Gator Gazette teachers, too. They are all super awesome for putting up with me over the years and a special thanks to all my friends for helping me get through fifth grade.

BYE SOUTH CREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trike Hundred by Rachel Snow

On Thursday May 19, 2016 we shall have the annual TRIKE HUNDRED!!!!!!! The trike hundred is a race on tricycles. Some of the teachers ride around on tricycles racing around the cafeteria and the gym. Who will win the annual trike hundred this year?????!!!!!!

A Heartfelt Goodbye by Faith Wheatley

Hey gators I bet you are wondering who last month’s teacher was it was Ms.Butz.

Well this month is the last month of school and I am going to middle school. And let me just say I will miss south creek so much. I have been here since kindergarten and now to fifth grade. I think this is a very great school. What I miss the most will be all the nice teachers that are completely wonderful.

I hope someone next year keeps guess the teacher going because I know there are gators that really like it so I just want to say a goodbye from the bottom of my heart.


Faith wheatley

Guess the MLB Team by Cooper Mills

It's baseball season so get excited!! There are 30 Major League Baseball Teams. Can you guess which team I am thinking of?

1. They have won 27 World Series Titles!!

2. Their most common used nickname is the The Bombers.

3. They had one of the most famous Baseball players of all-time; he wore #3.

4. They began as an MLB franchise in 1913.

5. They have won 40 American League Pennants,.

Goodbye by Cooper Mills

Goodbye Gators I have had a wonderful last year at South Creek.

I can’t wait to go to Middle School, but I will miss South Creek.

I loved talking about Sports. It was so FUN!


Goodbye by Madi Kammer

Good Bye Gators.

Gators it is so sad to say goodbye to SC. The thing I am going to miss the most about SC is all the wonderful students and staff. The thing that is wonderful about SC is the convos put on by Mrs. Adams. The teachers that I had were amazing. I loved being in all the clubs the leaders of the clubs were awesome at their jobs. I will love to start another 3 years of my life just like I did here. I will definitely miss all my friends younger than me that will still be here at SC. Goodbye gators.

Goodbye by Jaden Ashman

Hello my name is Jaden. I have been writing in the Gator Gazette and I want to say thank you for reading my stories. This will tell you a little about myself.

Favorite color- Blue and Green

Favorite food- Steak

My Teacher- Mrs.Carder

My Grade- 5th

Favorite Vacation spot- Florida

Favorite Subject- Math

Chomputation Practice Online!!

An awesome South Creek parent created a website to practice chomputation. Click on the link below (and bookmark it on your computer) to try it out. It starts at level P5. Just pick your level and practice!

Top 5 Things to do this Summer by Jaden Ashman

Top Things to Do In the Summer

1. Go Swimming or Waterparks

2. Go on a Run or Bike Ride

3. Sports Camps

4. Watch Movies

5. Play with your Friends

Interview with Mrs. Hancock by Christian Castillo

Today I have interviewed are new art teacher, Mrs. Hancock. In May she will be learning about more amazing artist. She will be teaching us how to do pop art, and lots of fun drawing. Oh and I forgot to say she will be teaching us about Elements.

I have asked her to tell me what she is doing during the summer time while we are enjoying the sunshine of nature. She will be doing swimming and jogging, spending time with her family, and going to state parks.

I hope you all have enjoyed my articles, and enjoy SUMMER!!!!!!!

5th graders what will you miss most about south creek elementary? By Faith Wheatley

So gators me and my friend Regan went around asking totally random 5th graders what they will miss most about south creek.

Larry Long said how fun it is.

Matthew brown said I will miss Ms. Sutton.

Kealey brown and Gavin Burriss said they will miss lunch and recess.

Jaden Ashman said she would miss having recess.

I said I would miss everything.

That’s all gators I am now signing out for good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gators of the Month

Congratulations to these Gators of the Month for April. Way to show your Gator G.R.E.A.T.S. Traits!


Miss Butz: Aspen Garcia

Mr. Froning: Rowan McKinney

Mrs. McNamee: Daphne Kerr

Mrs. Miller: Lucas Castillo

Mrs. Monday: Harsimarjit Nahal

Mrs. Emerine Tiva MacNaughton

Mrs. Mitchell: Brissa Paliero

Miss Swanson: Grace Ray

Mrs. Sweetman: Ryan Weber

Mrs. Webb: Aubrey Good

Mrs. Bryant: Aubree Freeman

Mrs. Burns: Ellee Riggle

Mrs. Fortner: Audrey States

Miss Moody: Kendall Hill

Mrs. Nurnberger: Zane Grismore

Mrs. Golden: Jillian Cox

Miss Reynolds: Ben Griffin

Miss Trieb: Carrie Petree

Miss VanDeLaarschot: Braylon Chandler

Mrs. Huber: Faith Smith

Mrs. McIntire: Tyler Starr

Mrs. Sirilla: Riley Reed

Mrs. Watkins Eme Wratten

Mrs. Carder Johnny Finney

Mrs. Hayes: Owen Hammond

Miss Moore: Carrie Petree

Mr. Roets: Sydney Goodin

Mrs. Hancock/Art: Aidan Hacker (5th Moore)

Mrs. Curtis/Gym: Schaefer Scearce (1st Sweetman)

Mrs. Mappes/Music: Isaac Green

Thurston/Green/Library: Janelle Schlemmer

Mrs. Cade Emily Camp

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