Spring Break 2016

By: Khalisha Walters

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18th Birthday!

Well, it was during Spring Break. I spent my birthday with my friends, Adarious, Tamear, Concepcion, & Shakerria. We had a good time that whole weekend, even though we didn't go out of town, because my tire went flat on my vehicle. I still enjoyed myself, it really felt like i had turned 21. (Hint Hint) :) We drove all around town, all weekend even though nothing was going on that day.My birthday was on a Monday, so you know it was BORING! I HATE MONDAYS!1
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Block Party In Lil Haiti

I went to a block party for Dj Bay-bay, with my friends in lil Haiti. We didn't have anything else to do so we decided to go over there for a little while. It was straight out there. A few people only showed up though, its not like previous block parties, but we still had a good time. The police had ran everybody away, because people was parked on the side of the road. Everybody left, and went to the Astros! Me & My friends aren't old enough to get iin yet. Just Wait On It Though!!1
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Me and my friends went to Church on Easter. After church we came home ate, hid eggs & sat around and talked for a few hours. The house was so packed with little kids running around playing and screaming. I couldn't even go take me a nap with all that noise around. When everybody left, we had to clean up the whole house or we could't go anywhere. Why Easter wasn't in April this year?

Jacksonville, Fl

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I went to Jacksonville, Fl with my Daddy & My Little Brother My Brother was also during Spring Break. He turned 11. We have the same daddy, different mothers. We went up there to go shopping, went to a arcade game, went to The Jacksonville landing. My dad's girlfriend stay in Jacksonville, Fl. We always have a good time when we be up there. I want to go back, but i think she's mad at me.