News from 1A

Week of December 15th-19th

Pictures with Friends!!

Coming Up Next Week

-Monday December 15th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-Tuesday December 16th- Music & Library Day

-Wednesday December 17th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-K-2 Feast

-Thursday December 18th- Art

-Christmas Party @ 2:00

-Friday December 19th- P.E. Runners Club (wear tennis shoes)

Return guided reading books, folders, and bags.

-Early Release at 12:50!!! Please try and make arrangements to pick your child up at this time. Daycare and yellow busses will also be here at that time. Please inform their teacher of a change in transportation!!

Working on Plot with the story The Wild Christmas Reindeer

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What are we learning?

ELA focus: We will be learning about cause ad effect with snowmen and winter themes.

Math: Money- counting a collection of coins and holiday graphing.

Science: Matter- This week we will be focusing on learning more about solids and talking more about the word flexible by doing a fun candy cane experiment.

Social Studies: We will talk more about goods and services.

Making a Prediction with the book Sad Santa

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Spelling Words

Spelling List:

NO Spelling Test this week!!

Merry Christmas!!

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December Birthdays!

Ashwin- December 31st

Dates For Your Calendar

December 17th- K-2 Feast

December 18th- Class Holiday Party

December 19th- Early Release @ 12:50

December 22- January 2nd – Christmas Break