Constantinople is safe inside and no reason to hide

This is the the safest city the world has ever known.

Constantinople is on a peninsula that has three layers of walls. The inner wall was 40 feet high and 15 feet thick with 96 huge scouting towers. The the outer wall was 30 feet high and 15 feet thick also with 96 huge scouting towers. Also on the harbor blacksmith built the biggest chain ever made that floated on logs and guards could pull it across the harbor if to be attacked from sea.

Religion of Constantinople

Constantinople has spit and made the Eastern Orthodox Church. Here in Constantinople the church and government are not split the emperor is a living representative of Jesus Christ. The Eastern Orthodox Church was the biggest church to ever be built and architects built it in only 6 months.

Here is pictures of the Eastern Orthodox Church

things to do in Contantinople

You if need something to do of course you will have work to do but if you don't have work to do. Than you can go to the hippodrome to watch a chariot race. you could also just walk around the city and see all of the amazing architecture all around the city. you could also go to a church service which is all day.
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Facts and geography of Constantinople

The Eastern Orthodox church was destroyed in a earth quake after 20 years but was then rebuilt with the same features as the first model. Constantinople was located on an peninsula. The walls were built to protect from land attacks and the chain was meant to protect the harbor from sea attacks so therefore it was really hard to attack Constantinople because the walls were almost impenetrable.
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Here is a Map of Canstantinople