Oak Hills Newsletter

December 18, 2020

Assistant Principal's Message

Dear Oak Hills Families,

As we head into Winter Break, we want to share our gratitude for partnering with us this year! While we aren't yet able be together in person, we are finding new ways of approaching the important traditions that bring our Oak Hills community together!

Our Oak Hills PTO Move-a-Thon Fundraiser was a success, raising over $25,000 for the Oak Hills school community. Top earners and prize winners received their prizes during pick-up and drop-off events on Wednesday morning. Students braved steady rain for the opportunity to spray Ms. Baumgardner and I with Silly String in the parking lot and at each of the Book Bus stops. It was an exciting way to wrap up a successful school-wide fundraising event! We hope that you had the opportunity to join us! If your child participated in fundraising and you have not yet picked up their prize, the school office will be open on Friday, December 18th from 7:30am- 3:30pm. Please stop by and we will be happy to help you! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Oak Hills PTO Move-a-Thon!

Wednesday also marked the final day of the Oak Hills Food Drive, benefiting the Sunshine Pantry and Beaverton School District families. Oak Hills students and families donated a total of 1,078 items, 612 items from primary grades and 466 items from intermediate grades. While it would appear the primary grades dominated this fundraiser, several community members have stepped in to offset the difference for our intermediate grades. We are officially calling this one a tie! All students will be celebrating a successful 2020 Oak Hills Food Drive within their classrooms as we head into Winter Break! Thank you for your generous contributions, serving students and families within our local community!

As we wrap up the final day of instruction before Winter Break, we wanted to share a small gift of appreciation. During the month of December, we encouraged staff members to share their favorite recipes as part of a school-wide staff activity. We have saved these recipes into a slideshow and hope you enjoy trying out some new ideas in the kitchen over the coming break!

On behalf of the Oak Hills Staff, we wish you a wonderful start to the new year and will look forward to seeing you again on Monday, January 4th!

Erika Hansen

Assistant Principal

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Oak Hills Move-A-Thon Silly String Event

Tentative Calendar Dates for 2020-2021 School Year


12/21 - 1/1 Winter Break- No School


1/6 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

1/8 Assembly Day

1/11 Oak Hills OBOB Book Clubs

  • 3rd & 4th Grade 11:00 - 11:30 The Changeling - Fantasy

  • 5th Grade 11:30- noon The Changeling - Fantasy

1/13 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

1/18 No School: MLK Day

1/20 Student Contact Day

1/20 PTO Meeting (7pm)

1/27 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)


2/3 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

2/4 Assembly Day

2/5 Grading Day- No School

2/10 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

2/15 President's Day- No School

2/17 Student Contact Day

2/17 PTO Meeting (7pm)

2/24 No School: Staff Development Day


3/3 Oak Hills School Photos (9am-6pm; by appointment)

3/3 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

3/1 Oak Hills OBOB Book Clubs

  • 3rd Grade 11:00 - 11:30 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

  • 4th Grade 11:30 - 12:00 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

3/4 Oak Hills OBOB Book Club

  • 5th Grade 11:00 - 11:30 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

3/5 Assembly Day

3/10 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

3/17 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

3/17 PTO Meeting (7pm)

3/22-26 Spring Break- No School

3/31 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)


4/2 Assembly Day

4/7 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

4/14 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

4/16 Grading Day- No School

4/21 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

4/21 PTO Meeting (7pm)

4/28 Staff Development Day- No School


5/5 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/7 Assembly Day

5/12 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/19 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/19 PTO Meeting (7pm)

5/26 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/31 Memorial Day- No School


6/2 Student Contact Day

6/9 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

6/9 PTO Mtg (7pm)

6/18 Last Day of School

6/18 Assembly Day

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Immunization Exclusion Day Information

The Immunization Exclusion Day for 2020-21 is scheduled for February 17, 2021.

All children who are not up to date with their immunizations will be excluded from being physically in the building.

We know that with the COVID-19 protocols in place, getting your child/children up to date with their immunizations may require some advanced planning. You may even be hesitant to go to a doctor's office. We, also, know that with the current distant learning your student is not physically in the building. We do want you to know that when public schools return to in school learning at any capacity and if your child/children are not current with their immunizations they will not be able to be physically in the building.

When this happens, you would have several options available to you:

  1. become current with immunizations.
  2. remain in CDL.
  3. notify us if you are exempt from the immunization schedule with an official document.

We'd like to make you aware that between now and exclusion day you will be receiving several communications from either us in the office, from the District, or from Washington County. If you are current and you still receive a notification, then please let us know so we can align our communication to better match your child's immunization records.

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Snowflake Hunt

This month Beaverton Safe Routes to School invites your school community to go on a Snowflake Hunt! To participate make a snowflake and place it in a window facing the street and then go for a walk and count how many snowflakes you find. We hope this provides your family with a fun activity and a little encouragement to get outside for a walk or roll. Use the link below for a snowflake making tutorial and make sure your trip is counted in the following ways:

1. Send an email to bsdsaferoutes@gmail.com with the number of snowflakes you found. BSD students (or parents) please include how many students participated and what school they are from.

2. BSD elementary students can also log their miles on their Marathon Kids account. If you need information on how to set up a Marathon Kids account, contact your PE teacher.

3. Post a photo to social media with the following hashtags #BSDsaferoutes #BSDtogether #BSDmarathonkids


Thank you for your understanding!

Leah Biado-Luis
Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Oak Hills Library Webpage

Click here to learn more about reserving books & e-books, Wednesday Book Bus information, O.B.O.B. book list & upcoming book clubs, Scholastic Book Fair information

Thank you for supporting the library through the Online Book Fair! The online fair was a hit for many, and we will look forward to our next Book Fair in the spring! If you would like to shop the entire range of Scholastic books and purchase books throughout the school year, you can shop the book fair link all year and our school library will benefit. May you enjoy the peace, comfort and delight in reading during winter break! Smiles, Ms. Larsen

Lost Library Books

Please go on a “library book hunt” and return your library books from last spring. Library books may be returned on Wednesdays during morning Curbside Pick Up or in the afternoon at a Book Bus Stop.

Helpful Library Links

Oak Hills Library Webpage

How to Request Library Books Video

How to Request E-books and Add Your Public Library Video

Oak Hills Book Bus Times and Locations Map

Beaverton School District Book Bus Routes Map

OBOB Book List

OBOB Hall of Fame Questionnaire

OBOB Trivia Group at Cedar Mill Library

Book Club Registration

Technical Issues?

You may reach out to Mrs. Vallee directly via email at Anna_Vallee@beaverton.k12.or.us If she is unable to resolve the issue, support will be requested from the Beaverton School District HelpDesk.
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Family Toolkit

Visit the BSD Family Toolkit at: https://oakhills.beaverton.k12.or.us/ **Connect--Family Toolkit

Kindergarten-specific Information: https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/departments/early-learning/kindergarten

Community Resource Page

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