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By: Drew Hartman

Indian National Congress

The Congress was formed in 1885 by British and Indian members of the theosophical society. Soon later it split and the moderate party was able to unite millions against the British. After World War 1 its unofficial leader was Mahatma Gandhi. It has a remained a popular political party ever since. The Congress's main political opponent was the Muslim League, who fought for the protection of Muslim peoples rights. The Muslim league's leader was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was the leader of the party from 1913-1947 when Pakistan was created.

Partition of India

The partition of India occurred in 1947. It was also when India gained independence from Britain. The northern part of India which was mostly Muslim was split off from India leading to the creation of Pakistan (Pakistan later split into Bangladesh as well).

The first prime minister of India was Jawaharlal Nehru. Jawaharlal was in office from 1947-1964. He was a prominent figure in Indian politics and is considered the architect of modern Indian society.

Pakistan was created during the partition for the Muslim people of India. 10 million people were relocated during the partition and when violence broke out 1 million people died.

Indira Ghandi

Indira as the 3rd prime minister of India and the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. She was in office from 1966-1977 and the from 1980-too her assassination in 1984. She is credited with nationalizing the banks and won a decisive engagement against Pakistan by liberating Bangladesh as well as changing the agricultural programs which helped India's poor.

Assassination of Indira Gandhi

On October 31 1984, two of Gandhi's bodyguard shot her as she was walking through a gate they were guarding on the way to an interview. One assassin shot her 3 times with a pistol, and the other shot her 30 times with a Sten machine gun. After the assassins dropped there weapons and surrendered. During an interview one of the assassins was shot and killed , and the other was later hanged in jail along with another conspirator. The assassins who happened to be sikh( an ethnic group) caused a lot of hate towards the group. Millions of sikhs were displaced and almost 3 thousand sikhs were killed in riots against them.

Interview with Mahatma Gandhi (1931)

Mahatma Gandhi helped rally the Indian people and played a major role in India gaining independence from Britain.
Mahatma Gandhi First Television Interview (30 April 1931)

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