The Bully

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The Bully Summary

A scrawny boy by the name of Darrel Mercer lives in Philly with his mother. They don't have much money but they have enough to make it through. Darrel's best friend is Malik. Darrell has been picked on and bullied but Malik always scared them away and protected him. Darrell's uncle, Jason, offered a well paying job for Darrell's mother in California. She accepted it. He never liked uncle Jason because he was making fun of him for being short and skinny. Darrell also didn't like the idea of moving to California away from his friends and home.When it's time to come home, Darrell runs home crying. He has to leave in the morning at 5:00 AM. They leave on the bus because they do not own a car. They do not get off unless they need to use the bathroom or to switch buses. When they get to Uncle Jason's house they are escorted to their rooms and unpack. Uncle Jason and Darrell's mother are talking about Darrell's size and he overhears everything. Darrell goes shopping and sees a girl in front of him in line. She is smiling at him and she introduces herself. Her name is Amberlynn and she goes to Bluford high, that is the school Darrell will be going to. She said ''See you at school Darrell and leaves". When he is going home he meets two guys named Tyray and Rodney. Tyray says to Rodney "look at this fool". Tyray walks up to him and makes him give him $2. Both of them go to Bluford and Darrell hopes not to see them there. The next day, Darrell does not want to go to school knowing Tyray will be there. As Darrell is walking into the front doors of the school he sees three kids talking to eachother, he knows they have probably been good friends for a long time just like him and Malik. When Darrell walks into his english class he sees both Rodney and Tyray. As Tyray walked past Darrel's desk he kicked it and sat down next to him. When the teacher walked in Darrell felt safer.(Things happen). Darrell is walking on the street and he is carrying oranges, Tyray is sitting there with two of his friends and they stop Darrell and they take the bag of oranges that Darrell was carrying and Tyray pulls out a knife and points it to Darrel and then cuts the bag, so all of the oranges fall out. Tyray starts stepping on the oranges. An old lady helps Darrell pick up the oranges that aren't ruined. She asks what his name is and he says Darrell and says he goes to Bluford. She says she has a nephew named(forgot the name) and says he goes to Bluford as well and he doesnt have many friends and asks if he will hang out with him. he says yes. The next day he sees him at lunch and sits next to him. They say hi and have conversation. Darrell wants to join the wrestling team (whatever his name is) doesn't want him too but Darrell refuses and wants to. he goes into the coaches office and tells him he wants to join the wrestling team. he says ok and tells him the time of the first practice. When Darrell goes to his first practice they do workouts that Darrell can not keep up with. Soon after more and more practices Darrell was soon able to keep up. He soon had his first match, Darrell was nervous, He got on the mat and wrestled, he did not succeed but his effort was great. The next day Tyray "accidentally" bumped into Darrell while he had his lunch tray in his hand, the food all fell on the floor. An old woman had to pick it up so Darrell helped. Darrell told Tyray to apologize and help pick it up. Soon after that Tyray and his friends walked up to him about to start a fight. Luckily Darrell had friends from the wrestling team on his side to back up the two others. Darrell and Tyray started fighting, Darrell used some techniques that he used in wrestling and he knocked Tyray out. Both boys were called to the principal's office. Tyray got suspended but Darrell on the other hand didn't get punishment because of his situation, but if he was in another fight then he would get suspended too. After that everyone was cheering for Darrell and he ended up getting Amberlynn. THE END

Biography of the Author

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia in 1972. In 1991 he enrolled Camden County College and a year later he transferred to La Salle University where he Studied creative writing and a B.A in English. He became a prison Tutor and found the "courage" to write. He has been an editor, author, or co-author on 5 of the 10 books in the Bluford series.