Formal Interview Wear for Men

by Olivia Walters, Natasha Stubbe and Hunter Pankratz

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Wear a nice suit

- Tailored

- In style or modern

- Navy or charcoal

- Two buttons

Have nice shoes

- No buckles

- Match with the suit

- Polished

Be well-rested

- 8 hours of sleep

- No cramming all night

Be well groomed

- Professional haircut

- Shaved face

- Dental hygiene


Wear casual clothes

- No shorts, t-shirt, etc.

Wear obnoxious clothing

- Appropriate tie

- Solid colored shirt

- Nothing bright or distracting

Have a hat on

- Take off before entering building

Wear clothes not appropriate to season/weather

- No shorts in the winter

- Jacket for winter, suit coat for summer

What To Wear To A Job Interview | Style Minute | Ep 059