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Ms. Wilson's Fearless First Graders

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May 21st- May 25th
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A note from Ms. Wilson...

Thank you so much to all the parents that contributed to throwing me a "surprise" early birthday party! I am in awe of the kindness of you all towards me and this class! It has been an honor to work alongside of you this year.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our last Pajama Day! Wear your pajamas!

This is our last full week of school- I cannot believe it!! It really flew by. I hope that we will get perfect attendance this week because I want to see all of my smiley faces everyday!!

Thank you,

Ms. Wilson

Farewell to First Grade!

Monday, May 21st- It's Been Poppin' in First Grade! (Popcorn Day)

Tuesday, May 22nd- Blowing Away End of the Year Blues! (Bubble Day)

Wednesday, May 23rd- First Grade Was a Ball! (Beach Day)

Thursday, May 24th- I Had a "Scooper" Great Year! (Ice Cream Day)

Friday- May 25th- First Grade Field Day! (Field Day)

Career Visits!

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Mr. Boyd came to tell us all about how he works in sales and management and he is always working hard with other people to negotiate! He also gave us all a bar of very delicious chocolate!

Coming up this week....

Spelling List (last one!)

-air, -ear, -are







High-Frequency Words







Challenge Words (+2 extra credit)



In Math...

Monday: Popcorn graph

Tuesday: Bubbles tally chart

Wednesday: Beach ball math fact fluency

Thursday: Class graph for favorite ice cream


  • In our class, we do calendar every morning. In our calendar routine we work on multiple different math concepts such as...

- Place Value

- Money - value of each coin

- Number of the Day- how many days we have been in school

- Adding

- Subtracting -with Attendance

- Counting

- Part Part Total Diagram

Continue to practice skip counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's at home. Students also need to be working on recognizing numbers and using them to add, take away, etc.

In Social Studies...

The next two weeks we are going to be learning about different types of community helpers and careers in our classroom. We will have some parents come in and talk to the students about their personal job and what they do.

We will continue with our Second Step lessons. These lessons focus on the social emotional development of each learner. There are Second Step homelinks on our grade level website under the parent page. We will also use this time to continue to build our classroom community. Building that community is imperative for learning to take place.

Specials this week...

Monday - P.E- please wear tennis shoes

Tuesday - Music- Buckley

Wednesday - Music- Shephard

Thursday - P.E- please wear tennis shoes

Friday - Music- Buckley

Upcoming Events...

Monday, May 21st- Friday May 25th- Farewell to First Grade

Thursday, May 24th- Yearbook Signing @ 8:00 AM

Monday, May 28th- Memorial Day (no school)

Wednesday, May 30th- Volleyball- Teachers vs 5th graders

Thursday, May 31st- Last Day of First Grade :(


One thing we are sure of at Monroe, is that we cannot reach our goals and meet the needs of all students if they are not here with us at school. Because of that, we have a continuous focus on improving our attendance. We are striving for an Average Daily Attendance of greater than 95%. Currently, as a school, we are hovering at 93%. Please help us to reach our goal by making sure your student(s) are at school on time, every day. Missing school means missing a lot of new content. We know that absences can sneak up on you. I encourage you and your family to continue to make a goal to miss fewer than five absences this year! I believe that we can do it!

Ms. Wilson's Contact Info

Please contact me with any questions or concerns! I am here to help.