Fight Song Service Project

Medhashree Adhikari

Homeless Care Packages

All of Mrs.Melson's classes did a 3 projects. 1 of the 3 projects were the fight song project. For the fight song project you could have done the CCA organization, homeless care packages or something else. I did the homeless care packages with Mrs.Melson and my classmates. We were creating packages with goldfish, cheese its, socks, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc. I specifically helped by putting the toothbrush and toothpaste in the bag. This project helps the homeless take care of themselves without including drugs, because sometimes when people give them money they go and by drugs. It also helps us learn about the importance of helping others without shelter. If I could I would definitely do it again. This project is recommended and not only does this help others it's also really fun to do.

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Helping Others

It is important to help others because everyone is equal as a human being. Just because someone doesn't have shelter/home doesn't mean they're lower class and they are not worth helping. There are many ways to help people.

When you help others they are not the only ones gaining something, when we help them we are gaining more kindness in our hearts. When you help others you also be preventing something bad. For example when we did the homeless care packages we helped people care for themselves in a differs way. Instead of money we gave them, packages filled with needs. They will be using the packages to take care for themselves instead of buying drugs with money

Helping others impacts the world by making people nicer to eachother. There are less fight/wars(big or small) in the world. The world would be a safer place.

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I want to be in the organization Worldwide Wildlife Conservation Society (WWCS) . They are a group of people who protect the animals and wildlife. I would like to be involved in this organization I like helping animals and make sure they don't go extinct. Worldwide Wildlife Conservation Society help protect the wildlife and they inspire other people to help protect the wildlife. One way this helps humans is by helping us understand the natural world.

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