serving A Meal

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Types of Meals

There are two types of meals - Family style and Plate Service.

Family style is when food is placed in serving dishes on the table. People help themselves and pass the serving dishes around the table.

Plate Service is where the food is already on the plate when it is brought to the table.

Setting the Table

The tableware you need for a meal depends on the food you serve and the way you serve it. Tableware includes: plates, bowls, glasses, flatware, and table linens.

Basic Table Manners

1) Place the napkin on your lap.

2) Make sure everyone has been served before you eat.

3) Start with the outside flatware and work in.

4) Don't talk with food in your mouth.

5) Avoid putting elbows on the table.

6) Use "please" and "thank you" when passing food.

Clearing the Table

When everyone is finished, it's time to clear the table. Stand to the side of each person as you pick up dishes from each plate setting. Then carry the dishes to the cleanup area. Do not scrape or stack dishes at the table.


Prevent burns/fires by keeping your hair tied back and always turn panhandles inward. Prevent falls by cleaning up spills immediately, and keeping floor clear of clutter. Prevent cuts by always holding a knife by the handle, and washing knives separately.


Always wash your hands (for 20 seconds) before you start preparing for a meal. Always keep your hair tied back so it does not fall in the food.

Why I think it is important to know about serving meals, safety, and sanitation

It is important to know the appropriate way to serve a meal so that you can be a good hostess. Also, you can help your Dad and Mom serve a meal when you have company over. It is always good to know the safety rules so that you avoid injury. Sanitation rules are extremely important so that you are not spreading germs.