Sociological Imagination Project

By: Ryan Brinda

White People are Completely Oblivious

In the article, Most White People in America are Completely Oblivious, Wise states how; to whites in America, police are the folks who help get our cats out of the tree, or who take us around town to show us how exciting it is to be a cop. Whites don't know the true difficulties that black folks are experiencing in their everyday lives. Furthermore, Wise gives multiple examples of when black people were being criticized and charged for something purely because of their skin color and because the police officers were racist. For example, you can't "deny that there wasn't anything racial about how rapidly many people brought the story that Wilson had been attacked and bloodied, even as video showed him calmly standing at the scene of the shooting without injury." This article basically states that blacks are being treated very cruelly and being discriminated because of their skin color and many whites folks think that everything is just fine.

Sociological Imagination

In the article, Most White People in America are Completely Oblivious; it shows how whites are unaware of how blacks are being treated in society. The sociological imagination that all cultures and ethnic groups are together as one group is not true according to this article. We experience police most often as helpful, as protectors of our lives and property. Also, Black folks tension with police officers has continued throughout the years. For example, police officers who do stop and frisk to people around different cities, has statistically been provided that they target blacks much more often than whites.Many white officers have automatic reactions when they see a black man compared to a white man. It is a reflex to justify the event, defend the shooter, trash them with racist remarks, then deny that the incident or one’s own response had anything to do with race.
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Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and be able to share the feelings of others. In the article, the white police officers are not showing any empathy to the Blacks because they are being cruel and unfair to them. The White police officers need to put their selves in the shoes a black person and realize that they are humans too and should be treated fairly and equally as whites are.
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