Starting 2016 Off Right!

Cheers to an amazing January!!!

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A Fresh Slate

I just love starting a new year! The excitement of what the future holds is so magical. I encourage each of you to take a moment and write your goals for 2016 (both personal and business) and post them in your work space. Even better, write them in the present tense starting with "I am.....". I did mine at Director's Summit and let me tell you some are kinda scary....but one thing I do know, if I don't challenge myself they will never happen! Another new practice I started this year is taking the time to write at the top of my To Do list 3 things that bring me joy - today's list says 1. Sun 2. Tulips 3. Making my own $$. Starting the day with a positive mindset has really made all the difference, I challenge you to give it a shot!
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Welcome !!!

A huge hug to all the ladies who joined team StarStudded January 1 - February 2

Holly Williams

Nicole Cook

Kelli Amis

Kelli Gross

Kristen Liller

Amanda Mcdonald

Christina Wolf

Carolyn Kaucher

Christina Carroll

Jessica Wilson Smith

Michelle Pretot

Bianca Fascia

Raquel Gomez

Theresa Guild

Stacy Singh

Caria Gorman

Sonya Stone

Angela Amplo

Lauren Janney Wolf

Marie Minchew

Elizabeth Sholar

Amy Parris

Jordan Harrison

Jami Moore

Kristin May

Melanie Granillo

Kristy Cole

Ruth Marshall

Cheryl McKinney

Tracy Stephen

Megan Anaprienko

Debra Richman

Amy Pucke

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Congrats To Our Top 10 In Sales

Madelon Lanier $9051
Dona Lanier $7195
Sally Neff $7011
Shelli Enright $5735
Sharon McAndrew $5341
Barb Fogel $4913
Nicole McNamee $3356
Kelli Kay $3293
Courtney Shannon $3,244
Kendra Short $3,236
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Top in Qualified Trunkshows!!

Madelon Lanier 5
Sally Neff 5
Shelli Enright 5
Aidan Strong 4
Kristen Liller 4
Dona Lanier 3
Sharon McAndrew 3
Nicole McNamee 3
Courtney Shannon 3
Tatum Gangi 3
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To Liz Urso on her promotion to Associate Stylist - you rock!
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Costa Rica Baby!!!!!

How about our 2017 Glam trip ? Wahoooooooo! Go to to Stellaverse and print your Glam Tracker - an easy way to stay on pace! Here is the scoop on how to earn:

$1 sold = 1 PQV

$1 sold by a personally sponsored new stylist during the earning period = .5 PQV

Associate Directors and above who earn their pay rank as of 12/15 get a 1000 PQV for the month they earn it in!! Promote to Associate Director and earn 1000 PQV

level 1 30,000 PQV earns an Extraordinary Necklace (think diamonds and 14k gold)

level 2 50,000 PQV earns a trip for 1

level 3 80,000 PQV earns a trip for 2

As always I am here to help! Call or text anytime!