What do I do if I'm WAYYYYY behind,

and the assignments are closed? Is all lost?


You didn't pace yourself and there are assignments that you didn't turn in but they are now closed. They will receive zeros, but here's what you do to save yourself:

Start working! Start working today on Unit 4.

Start at the beginning of Unit 4, read the information, listen to the presentations, work through the practice activities and then submit the assignments.

But, what if you are lost because maybe you didn't do Unit 2 or 3 for example...

Even though the assignments are closed, all the instructional material is available. On the course page, below the Unit links, there is a link called...

Spanish 1 Instructional Content

  • Open that link
  • Listen through the tutorials
  • Spend time learning and using the practice sections

Even if you didn't do the work, you need to know the material to move on

Don't give up. Just live and learn. Not doing what is required today usually means a lot of extra work tomorrow. This is one of those times if this is where you have let yourself land.
But it is not too late to give up. It is Qtr. 2....we are not even half way yet!