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Aaliyah Meyer 12-16-15

Advice column

Dear, Aaliyah my friend is always on his neuro headset and it's really bad he barely gets off anymore. What should i do. -sam

Dear Sam, i think you should try and get him off of it for a good amount of hours every day. Try and get him outside so that he's not always on it. And if it gets worse contact your local doctor. -Aaliyah

Help Wanted!!!!

We need some help fighting Ursula!! DON'T USE NEURO HEADSETS!!!!

Movie Review.

The movie was absolutely terrible. They totally changed everything that was in the book. Vienna and sam are way too romantic. The book was way more exciting and fun than the movie. If i had a choice id read the book over the movie any day it was that bad. Sam and dodge we're so much different in the movie than in the book. Urusala was alot nicer in the movie than in the book. I give it a half star.


Sam and Dodge thought the problems were coming from the Neuro headsets, but they weren't they were coming from Ursula. Ursula was hurt . Vienna and Sam tried to make sure people don't use Neuro Headsets.

Product Ad.

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