keyla carbajal

What's In?

Do you want to be an 'in' teenager ? There are many , many things you can do . Hairstyles and how you dress could be somethings .

Hair Styles Are IN Baby !

You probobly always wear your hair the same way dont you ? A hairstyle that will make you look cute , and feel amazing is the fishtail . My favorite hair do is plaits of fun . What you have to do is make really thin braids all over your hair . After your done start curling the rest of your hair . Walla , ready your rhair will look sassy , and make you feel like a moviestar .

Clothes , Clothes And More Clothes !

I bet your closet is full of clothes , but you still say " i dont thave anything to wear ! " I know how you feel FRUSTRADED ! Well here is some help . For hot days its nice to wear shorts , sandals , and a cute shirt not too fansy tough . Trust me it'll make you feel conftarble . Most timess its best for your shirt , and shoes to match . Even if your bottom dossent . If you dont want people to look at you like your crazy dont unmatch / match alot . For cold days its the same thing just wear skinny jeans , and closed shoes so your feet wont feel cold .

Wrap It Up ! :)

Clothing , and hairstyles are very important things , because they help you express part of your personality . You dont always have to wear whatnice clothes or a nice hairstyle . Sometimes wear what you think looks nice and conftarble . Always remember you dont have to be in with fashion to prove your buatiful just the way you are / look .