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July 18, 2022

Hello Cougar Community!

I hope you are enjoying your summer break and you've had a nice change of pace these last few weeks. These 5 weeks have gone by pretty quickly for me. Football training has done a good job at keeping me in a routine and Munds Park was our summer get away.

We have some new staff members this year! Please help us welcome them to Desert Cove.

Jaeda Hayden, 4th Grade

Maggie Toel, 1-2 Self Contained Gifted

Melissa Hansen, 5-6 Self Contained Gifted

Linda Nowlin - Gifted Specialist

Lisa Dominski - SEL Specialist

Colby Blazer, Social Worker

Darcy LeMaster, Resource

Amanda Johnson, Music

Anita Crider - Strings

Richard Barrs, Instructional Assistant

Elaine Wieck, Instructional Assistant

Joe Velazquez, Instructional Assistant

Seanelle Pack - Accounting Clerk

School starts August 9th, 2022. The main gates will open at 7:55AM and the first bell rings at 8:10AM. The school day ends at 2:45PM for 1st - 6th grades. Kindergarten will release at 2:30PM at the 27th Street gate.

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Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher will be held on August 3rd from 8:30AM-9:30AM. In order to minimize traffic please consider the following:

If your last name starts with A-M please plan to come from 8:30AM-9:00AM.

If your last name starts with N-Z please plan to come from 9:00AM-9:30AM.

The event will occur for most grade levels in the cafeteria. We will provide signage to direct you to where you need to go when you arrive.

You can log into Infinite Campus to see your child's new teacher on August 7th.

Kindergarten parents: your teacher will be temporary as we get to know your children the first few days of school. Teacher assignments will be communicated by Thursday afternoon.

Pick-Up and Drop Off for 1st through 6th grades

Students will be allowed on the playground at 7:55AM this year. The students will follow the same routine as last year and line up with their class on the playground or basketball courts. We will have plenty of supervision to help the students get to their perspective area.

Students are dismissed in three ways: they are picked-up via vehicle, they walk home, or they ride the bus.

All car riders, with the exception of Kindergarten, will be picked up in the main parking lot.

Students who are picked up by car will receive a number tag to hang on our review mirror. Parents are asked to stay in their cars and your child(ren) will be brought to you.

**Kindergarten Parents**

Welcome to Desert Cove!! We are so excited to have you join the Desert Cove family. Please refer to our Kindergarten Connection for specific information about the first week of Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Connection

1st - 6th Grade Class Lists

Class lists will be available in Infinite Campus on August 7th. Please use the directions below to make sure you have access to your Parent Portal.

Kindergarten class lists will be finalized on Thursday, August 11th. Our team will spend the first few days getting to know the students so we can create classes that support their needs.

The very important (small but mighty) Desert Cove PTO!

Desert Cove PTO

The PTO exists for the good of all students, families, and teachers at Desert Cove. The goals are to provide services to the students and be representatives of the community in which the students live.

We plan to have a classroom parent or guardian representative from each class this year.

Consider participating in the PTO in some capacity this year. Choose ONE event to assist with throughout the year and it will make a huge difference for the students, teacher, and PTO board members. There have been a lot of suggestions for additional events but without people being willing to take on some of the planning and implementing, its more difficult to carry them out.

Our PTO is not affiliated with a state PTA or PTO; they are an independent group. They have two votes on the United Parent Council (UPC). Visit the PTO website at

Annual Update - Email sent June 30th

Dear PVSchools Parents and Guardians,

The online version of our Annual Update process is now available for the 2022-23 school year. The Annual Update allows you to make any updates to your contact information such as address changes, phone number changes, changes to a child’s health history, as well as update emergency contact information. This will replace the printed Emergency Card.

  • Please go to
  • Select More and then Annual Update.
  • You may also click the Annual Update link on the Announcement Page.

Need help? View our Annual Update Smart Card.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal Instructions

This is a very important step in supporting your child through their academic journey. I highly recommend that all guardians and parents have access to their child's records.

In order to access your child's student records including attendance, grades, class assignments, etc., you will need to create an Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

You must have an email address on record with the school. You also can not have duplicate emails in the system. Each parent listed must have their own separate email account on file to have separate portals.

An example of what NOT to do.

Mom -

Dad -

Please provide separate emails for each parent/guardian.

Step 1. Infinite Campus Login Retrieval

Once you click “Step 1. Infinite Campus Login Retrieval”, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address on file. You will be sent your log in information. Once you have that, click on Step 2 below to access your account. Plan on completing this process in one sitting or your information will expire for security reasons.

Step 2. Parent/Guardian Login

If you do not already have an Infinite Campus portal account, or if you have forgotten your username or password, please visit the Infinite Campus information page on our PVUSD website. There are several helpful links to help you: Parent Sign Up, Forgot Your Password, Parent Login, and FAQs.

Please note - PVUSD does not use an ACTIVATION Key. Any reference to an activation key is a generic reference from Infinite Campus and should be ignored. Just click on the Infinite Campus Information Page link above for guidance.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch will NOT be free again this year.

Money for breakfasts and lunches can be put into your student’s lunch account. The account each week, in the mornings before school, is $1.00 for breakfast and $2.50 for lunch. Visit EZSchoolPay to pay online and receive reminders. Please visit to apply for meal assistance.

Desert Cove Handbook

Review the school handbook by clicking here. You will be provided with a hard copy to sign and return to school. Pay close attention to the dress code.

Dress Code

Student appearance and attire disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable. The following items are deemed not appropriate for school:

  • Midriff shirts (girls and boys)

  • Clothes that advertise alcohol, drugs, or satanic influences, obscene verbiage or weapons.

  • Sleeveless jerseys that are too large (girls and boys.) Oversized shorts and pants that allow “sagging”. No underwear can be visible.

  • No flip flops - shoes must have backs

  • Shirts and blouses that do not cover shoulders and undergarments (racerbacks, spaghetti straps, or shirts that expose the back or midriff.)

  • Skirts and shorts that do not reach below the thumb of an extended arm and hand. Garments must be an appropriate length.

  • Shorts and skirts must be visible.

School theme - Level Up

Out school theme this year will be "Level Up". As a staff and student body we will focus on implementing strategy and collecting tools that will help us all level up!
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Desert Cove's Mission

Mission statement: Desert Cove provides a collaborative culture that supports and celebrates student diversity, lifelong learning, and engagement in a global community.

Vision: To prepare and motivate students to achieve their personal best, to embrace learning, and build their emotional, social and physical well-being, enabling students to flourish as contributing and healthy citizens in our community.

Beliefs: Safe, Seen, Celebrated