Lenin's New Economic Policy

17.2 Activity

The Beginning

Throughout drought and famine, civil war and sabotage, Lenin worked to guide Russia through the implementation of various successful economic policies. During the civil war in Russia, Lenin followed war communism policies through assisting industries and accepting food from peasants. Unfortunately, some peasants were ungrateful for the systems imposed by the government and began hoarding food. After the industries collapsed, Lenin began a plan to save the Russian economy. This plan was the New Economic Policy.

What is NEP?

The NEP is a modified version of the old capitalist system. This is going to be a temporary system but if it is successful it will stay in place. It will allow peasants to sell produce openly, retail stores (with 20 or less people employed) can be privately owned and operated. The NEP also will also end grain requisitioning.

How will it improve the country?

It will allow for peasants and small business to have more control over business. It will also allow for them to be able to sell more products openly. The increase of free trade will lead to higher quality products and increase of production of the products. Other plans have failed us in the past because they have given the government to much control. These plans gave the food and wealth to the government while the citizens who worked to create those products are left starving and poor. The NEP will allow for citizens to have the control over the selling of their products.