The Water Problem

By: Sandy Choi, Konner Lee, Matthew Luong, and Tuong-Vi Tran

About the Creators - Sandy Choi

Sandy Choi is currently 12 years-old and loves to write. She is presently attending Orchard Hills School and her creativity is used as a role model to others. In this newsletter, she has created the diagram about "Water Usage."

Interesting Fact: She loves her pizza!

About The Creators - Konner Lee

Konner Lee has created the "Water Distribution" collage. Like Sandy and Matthey, he goes to Orchard Hills Middle School and is 12 years old. He's a water polo player and a swimmer, and likes to run.

About The Creators - Matthew Luong

The author of the "Water Conservation" article in this newsletter is Matthew Luong. He is 11 years-old and is currently attending Orchard Hills Middle School (like Sandy). He enjoys playing the trumpet, and tennis is his favorite sport.

About The Creators - Tuong-Vi Tran

Tuong-Vi Tran is the graphic designer of this newsletter. She loves writing and (any) designing since both activities put her creativity into action. Currently, she attends Orchard Hills Middle School along with the 3 other creators of this newsletter.

Water Usage

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Water Distribution

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Water Conservation

Tips + Tricks:

  1. Taking 5 minute showers can save water.
  2. Don't leave the water running while you are brushing your teeth.
  3. If you wash your dog on lawn, the leftover water can be water your plants instead of being put through the drain.
  4. Match the amount of water to the load when you want to do the laundry.
  5. If you drop ice cubes, don't throw them into the sink, instead drop them to a house plant. It will water the plant.
This newsletter was written to raise awareness of how much water is used today and how little we have here on Earth. From this newsletter, we, the creators, hope you learned about water usage and how it affects us today, and use the tips and tricks to conserve water!