Knights School Counseling News

Vol. 2

Busy September

This month has flown by. Initial meetings with the Seniors will conclude this week but there are still many more meetings to come! Juniors will begin their meetings next week and should conclude by the end of October. When Juniors are done I will begin to meet with Sophomores, Freshman and then 8th graders. I have also begun short visits with each of our new 7th graders to get to know them better. The 6th grade students meet with me as a class every few days for a Life Skills class. In September we began working on organization and October we will begin goal setting.

Career Fair

We will be holding our 1st Annual Career Fair November 4th from 8:30-11:30am. Anyone that is interested in volunteering please let me know!!!

Needs Assessment

I am asking one more time for parents/guardians to fill out the Needs Assessment. This is very important step for our recognition with the American School Counselors Association and helps me understand the needs of our parents/guardians. We have had 34 responses so far but I would love to see more! This is your chance to let me know what you are looking for! Please click on this link to complete the parent/guardian survey:

The students have also begun to take their assessment. About 1/3 of the students have completed it and it has been so helpful. The student survey has an optional place for their name and the last question is what they would like me to know. You may or may not be surprised to know that the students have been sharing concerns of theirs, and I have already met with more than one about personal concerns such as struggles with friends. This a great way for them to reach out to me without the initial pressure of talking face to face. I review every survey and I know the ones that have reached out and I have met with have been so thankful. If your student has not taken the survey they can do so here.

Important Dates

College Visits with Representatives are open to Juniors and Seniors

SAT 10/3/15

Financial Aid Night at Seton 10/5/15 6:00pm

SUNY Potsdam Representative 10/6/15 11:00am

University of New England Representative 10/7/15 9:30am

St. Lawrence University Representative 10/8/15 9:45am

SUNY Canton Representative 10/8/15 10:30am

Lemoyne Representative 10/8/15 1:00pm

College Night at SUNY Plattsburgh Fieldhouse 10/7/15 6:30pm-8:30pm

PSATs Juniors 10/14/15

ACT 10/24/15

Clarkson Representative 10/29/15 10:30am

Utica College Representative 11/3/15 8:30am

Career Fair 11/4/15 8:30-11:30am