Interstates and the Termination Policy

What are Interstates?

The Interstate Highway System was developed as a defense system for the United States. The interstates were a series of large freeways or highways that allowed the U.S. military to travel anywhere in the United States quickly in case of an national defense issues. The idea for the interstate was spearheaded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. After fighting for this issue it was finally passed through congress in the form of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956.

How does it Effect us?

Interstates allow for quick mass travel for those who are traveling from state to state. It allows citizens to get to their vacation spots quicker and visit relatives quicker. Although in the case of a national emergency issue the interstates are to be cleared so the military can use them to travel to wherever they need to go quickly to defend the United States.
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U.S. Highway System 1955

Before the construction of the interstates began in 1956 all Americans had to you use this complicated network of highways to get from place to place. Most highways didn't have more than two lanes so highways tended to get very crowded as the population of the United States grew.

The Termination Policy of 1953

What is the Termination Policy?

In 1943 the United States Federal Government initiated a investigation of the living conditions on all Native American tribes. When the results came back everyone was horrified. Native Americans on almost all tribes were living and extreme conditions and "horrific" living conditions. Thus the termination policy was born. The termination policy would take tribes, believed to be ready to become part of American society, and incorporate them into American Society.
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The positive affects of the policy were that Native Americans were now givin all the rights they should have had before. The Native Americans are now aloud to enjoy the American dream and get jobs and own property.


The negative affects of the bill were that Native Americans tribes that were aloud to enter American society lost their land to the Federal Government. This is why the very first Native American tribes to be released into society were living on lands that were rich in resources.