Newsletter Week 6 Term 1

Sawyers Bay School 9th March 2022


Kia ora Whanau,

It has certainly been a week of flexibility this week. Again, I would like to apologise for the confusion around swimming. We feel terrible for getting the kids excited only to have to postpone it a week. I can confirm that we are all on for swimming from this coming Monday onwards. It will run for two weeks, 9 sessions. Please refer to our original notice for times and additional info as it is all correct except the minor detail of the dates!

Yesterday you should have received a notification about a new school jersey design. Check your SchoolAppsNz app for info if you missed this. We have some very cool jerseys available for purchase through Adventure Outfitters that this time around are heavily subsidised by our amazing PTA. You can find the order form link here:

I would like to reiterate that if $40 is a stretch at the moment but you would like to get a jersey for your child, please do get in touch in full confidence and we can work something out.

Ka mihi nui,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Walk 'n' Wheel To School Week - Monday 7th - Friday 11th March
  • Term 1 Swimming - Monday 14th March - Friday 25th March
  • Otago Anniversary Day - Monday 21st March
  • Good Friday - Friday 15th April

Walk 'n' Wheel Wacky Wednesday

The children enjoyed meeting the Walking School Buses and walking and wheeling to school in their bright dress ups on Wednesday, as part of Sport Otago's Walk 'n' Wheel To School Week. Thank you to our Walking Bus 'drivers' for their participation and running to schedule!

It was great to have so many children participate and we look forward to checking in with everyone at the end of the week to share out the spot prizes.

Report by Kyla

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Gardening Club

Gardening Club has started again on a Wednesday lunchtime. We usually have between 8 and 10 gardening enthusiasts each week. We’ve started by weeding our vege plots, and this has allowed some plants to emerge that were being hidden by the weeds. We’ve been learning about our worm farm - what we can put into it, how it works, and looking at the finished product that we can spread on our garden. It was exciting to find some beans in the old bean pods. We have planted some of these in pots, and some straight in the garden. They’re growing rather quickly which is exciting to see.

Report by Mrs Campbell


Kia ora families! We finished last week with a “pop” when we focused our phonics learning around the sound “p”. We knew we were about to pop some popcorn, but the problem was - we needed a container to put it in. So we did some thinking and worked out how to turn a piece of A4 card into a 3-D shape that could hold popcorn. I was impressed with the problem solving abilities of our 5 year olds! I guess having something yummy to put into these containers at the end, created some motivation! Here is a photo of our finished products (by which stage we’d already eaten most of the popcorn!). We also drew brilliant pictures of pukekos using pastels. There is a photo of these on Seesaw if you would like to check out your child’s artwork. We also got out the percussion instruments and have learned the names of them, explored how each one works, and have learned to play in time with the beat. This week we have continued our learning about places around our kura. We have taken photos, and now created a book that we hope will be helpful for upcoming New Entrant tamariki, to help them know what is in our kura, and where to find things. Miss Richardson read us a book called Tangaroa’s Gift, and we created some effective watercolor art of a paua shell. We’ve all been excited about Walk ‘n’ Wheels week. We hope that this excitement continues and it encourages us all to be a bit more active when coming to school, or going home. Thank you families for your input and allowing the children to participate in Walk ‘n’ Wheels Week with such enthusiasm!

Report by Mrs Campbell


Hello from Hine-Rau-Wharangi. This week we have been super busy working on and learning new Math games for our rotations. We have especially enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders to enhance our forward and backwards counting skills and are beginning to do some work on building up our fractions knowledge. We had a great session at Kelly Sports and it has been awesome playing alongside our peers at different sports activities this week, it is certainly showing us the importance of cooperation and communication skills.

The highlight for us this week was the walk and wheels day on Wednesday, we loved all of the amazing dressups. We are really looking forward to our swimming sessions next week.

Report by Mrs Brewer

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This week I have loved seeing how many children have been able to get activated on their way to and from school. Our walking bus on Wednesday morning was a huge success with so many bright colours and creative outfits - what a way to start the day! Our class has been collecting data each morning about our modes of transport to school and we are using this data to create our own bar graphs. This is helping us to understand how tally charts work and how we can interpret data from our graphs. We have also been graphing other data such as our favourite colours and pets as a whole class. Over the coming weeks, this will lead on to the children coming up with their own investigations where they will collect data, display it on their own graphs and then use these graphs to report their findings back to the class. We have been learning some simple Māori waiata this week. We are learning the sign language actions to go along with them and have also been playing the ukulele (not both at once of course!). Our next step is to get to know the lyrics really well so we can sing them as round robin songs. We continue to work on our visual pepeha - hopefully we will have these finished soon so we can share them with you! We had another fantastic Kelly Sports session on Tuesday. We were working on our throwing and catching skills. Terryn had us throwing bean bags in a race to fill the other teams' hoops before they filled our own. We also played a throwing and catching game with the soft balls where we were allowed to bring a new team mate over every time a ball was caught by them-the aim to get our whole team over first. This really made us think about our throwing and catching skills as well as ensuring the catcher was ready and watching before we threw it to them.

Report by Mrs Swete



This week in Ranginui we have been learning about dinosaurs. We learnt the speed they travelled can be worked out by their footprints. We watched videos to learn about their teeth. There are different types of dinosaurs - carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We have been brainstorming in our writing books. We drew a cloud and put our name and date on it, then we brainstormed the words brain, arms, legs and neck.

Report by Francesca and Oliver


To add more detail and impact to our writing we have begun exploring Figurative Language, focusing on similes and metaphors this week. Both similes and metaphors compare two things but a simile uses the words like or as, whereas a metaphor does not. We have found we are pros at using similes, but metaphors can be a little more tricky to make sure we are still comparing two things! Check out some of our AMAZING similes and metaphors below. Can you work out which is which?

The monster’s teeth were like sharp daggers, ripping into anything that crossed his path.

His teeth are sharp kitchen knives, tearing into anything that dare stands in his way! By Eligh

Her eyes were fireflies glowing in the dark. By Isabella G

Bob levitates objects like a superhero. By Christian

His orange pelt is fire blazing through the city. By Isaac

Bucky’s white and blue eyes are like the sky. By Monty

Fred is a crazy child, jumping around the house. By Emma

His wings are shining stars, glowing in the sky. By Isabella R

He has a twisting tongue, as pink as a flamingo. By Lewana

Report by Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

Kelly Sports Update, Tane Mahuta!

In Kelly Sport recently we have been working hard to build our teamwork skills. This has included a lot of different focuses and activities where it has been key to communicate, think about our actions and try hard to include all of the different people in the groups we are working in. We have been challenging ourselves and trying hard to improve our teamwork skills with a range of activities. This week it was boys v. girls in a mini bean bag based game using throwing and aiming skills! The girls unfortunately lost 3 - 0 this time around, though each round they got better and better! Next time, the girls are determined to keep working hard together to defeat the boy team! Ka pai Tane Mahuta for all of your effort at Kelly Sport.

Report by Miss Tenci

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Sports News

This Week's results:


SBS Villa defaulted to

SBS Spurs 3-1 W POD Stevie

SBS Gunners 8-3 W POD Harrison

Community Notices

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