Sugar Skull Art

By: Angelo Lee

My Project Planning

My Sugar Skull Art pieces are amongst my most popular works of art. Colorful, psychedelic, and dancing with intricate designs, these skull drawings embody the mystery and energy of our earthly existence, and tap into the question of what's beyond.

The detailed patterns in my Sugar Skull Art represent the never-ending dance of life and death, which are two halves of the same whole. By imbuing these skulls with vibrancy and color, I'm proposing a version of death that is brimming with creative potential.

I started drawing Day of the Dead skulls back in 2012. I've always enjoyed the spirit of Mexican folk art, from the fantastical alebrije creatures to the striking designs of Huichol yarn art. As I learned more about Mexican culture, the concept of Mexico's Dia de los Muertos struck a deep chord with me on both a spiritual and aesthetic level.

My sugar skulls art pieces resonate with the festive spirit of Dia de los Muertos. These skulls are not scary or evil; rather they are grinning reminders that we should enjoy our earthly existence while we can, and honor our ancestors when they return to visit us during the Days of the Dead.