InTheLoop - March 11, 2016

BCS Lumberton's Weekly News - Editor, D. O'Brien

Main office

  • J. Kamau, Principal
  • M. Castellane, Supervisor of Education
  • R. McGill, Secretary

Our Mission:

"We provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential.”

We are a team of highly supportive and trained professionals defeating daily challenges like superheroes!

National Women's History Month

March 7-11

1. Don't forget to order your Easter Pies! March 15th is the last day!

2. There is an away Basketball Game on March 17th!

3. ESY Applications are on-line

4. Social Worker - Mr. Lentini will not be pulling students this week

5. Careers in a Year Fair - We need recommendations from staff for presenters

6. Harlem Hip Hop Tour on April 8th! Details coming soon!

Culinary Arts



It's time once again for the Easter Pie Sale!

Place your orders now until March 15, 2016
Pies available include:

Coconut Custard

Apple (crumb or lattice topping)

Blueberry (crumb or lattice topping)

Sweet Potato

All for only $6 each!

Please order using the form emailed by Ms. Heather.

Delivery date is March 24, 2016

Mental health promotion and problem prevention in schools: what does the evidence say?

Around 25% of children and young people in the developed world have an identifiable mental health problem (Harden et al., 2001), of whom 10% fulfil criteria for a mental health disorder. Schools can also promote positive mental health and create resilience, providing the child or young person with resources to thrive and, in adverse conditions, to cope by buffering negative stressors. For children who come from less than optimum home backgrounds and neighbourhoods the intervention of the school can be the turning point for many children with few other supports (Gross, 2008).

Knighton's Notes

Friendly Reminders on Incident Reporting:

* For Incident reports: In the subject line, include the student's first initial, last name, and date.

* When signing the report, please sign next to the signature box where you type your name.

*Incident reports are legal documents, and have the potential to become court documents. Please remember to do a spelling and grammar check.

*Submit incident reports by 2:30pm.

* Stick to the facts.

Other Notes:

*Our suspension list is now on the Message Board. If a student is suspended, teachers will mark the student as absent, and the office will take care of marking it as a suspension.

*ABC Program: Students who wish to cash in their vouchers for fries in Smitty's Café will have to follow the procedure for requesting a meal (i.e. utilizing a voucher, getting approval and scheduling with Ms. Heather in advance).





Positive Behavior Support Program - Easy as A-B-C

What Will I Earn Through the ABC Program?


Experiential Learning

Where do you want to go? How will you get there?

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