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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Rates on Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

This book was amazing from the first page. Intrigued by the first chapter and scared by the second, this would obviously be a 3/3. This book shows Ransom Riggs' adventurous side and how complex he was on to the pages.

If You Want To Read You Need To Know...

This book is full of surprises and what not. Teenager Jacob Portman struggles with the loss of his 'insane' grandfather. His grandfather used to tell Jacob these stories about peculiar children with strange powers like being invisible. When Grandpa dies from a monster only Jacob could see it. Jake looks for answers and stumbles upon the peculiar children he has always thought were fake. Miss Peregrine is the head mistress of this 'foster' home and protects these children by a loop, she changes into a bird and reverses a loop so they won't die.

Stars of the Book

Stars PT. 2

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Where are You Traveling to in the Book?

It's taken in Wales because that's where Miss Peregrine's loop was and where Jake's granpa gave clues to lead to.

Who's Telling the Story?

This whole story is told by Jake and his adventures with his peculiar friends. Readers get to see from Jacob's point of view as him and his friends fight off wights and hollow-gasts.