Lizbeth Salazar

What do you feel like are positives or negatives, on your health today?

I don't think i have that many positives in my life.. there mostly negatives because i eat a lot of junk food, i hardly exercise, i sometimes eat veggies not that much..

People I like to hangout with

I like to hangout with people who are fun, crazy, loud, who understand me .. nice and who can be at least a little real .. no fake friends

What do you see yourself doing after high school?

i see myself in college, enjoying life a little ..
At school i like to eat , be with my friendsss

At home I like to eat !!! sleep ... watch tv help my parents c:

Im good at?

i think im good at running .. i have a big creativity / imagination

A quality I like, that I would change?

Um maybe my size .. i sometimes like it but then i feel TOO short

3 things i would change to improve my health ?

um eat healthier


go to the doctor more often