8 Principles of Leadership Series

Four-Part Series Starting on February 17th

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Jack Welch’s 8 Principles of Leadership Series

As one of the most respected and celebrated CEOs of all time, Jack Welch transformed GE into one of the world's most admired and successful companies with his people-driven management canon and innovative business techniques. He continues to impact the business world as a bestselling author, speaker, media commentator, and advisor to many of today’s top organizations. By attending this engaging workshop, you will learn Jack’s most essential leadership principles for winning in life and at work, and developing a personal action plan for your own development as a leader.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a leadership mindset
  • Embrace essential qualities in the workplace
  • Be a positive role model who can inspire and manage for performance
  • Utilize a personal action plan that you will create during the workshop
  • Improve your ability to better align your team with the City of Houston’s mission
  • Become an actionable investigator
  • Establish trust, make gut calls
  • Take risks, and celebrate people

Series Overview

Participants can choose to attend the morning or afternoon series tracks, but can only select one track.

This series consists of the following:

  • A four-part leadership series offered quarterly, as 90-minute sessions
  • Each session will cover two “Leadership Lessons” and all four sessions complete the series
  • Individuals who take all four sessions will receive a certificate of completion

Attendance is required at all sessions to receive the certificate of completion

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Session One | February 17, 2016

  • Relentlessly Upgrade Your Team(s)
  • See, Live and Breathe the Vision

Session Two | May 25, 2016

  • Influence by Exuding Energy and Optimism
  • Establish Trust Through Candor, Transparency and Credit

Session Three | August 17, 2016

  • Demonstrate the Courage to Make Unpopular Decisions and Gut Calls
  • Push and probe with Curiosity, Answer Questions with Action

Session Four | November 16, 2016

  • Inspire risk-taking and lead by example
  • Celebrate and Reward Success

Participants will receive a certificate of completion at this session.
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This is a 4-part offering. Participants must attend all dates, including the following: February 17, May 25, August 17 and November 16.

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This is a 4-part offering. Participants must attend all dates, including the following: February 17, May 25, August 17 and November 16.

Shelley Sapone

Shelley Sapone is the Career Development Director with the Jack Welch Management Institute (JWMI) at Strayer University. Shelley was a founding member of the JWMI Team that brought the now-popular Welch Way Leadership Development Program to the marketplace. In that role she helped organizations design and implement Welch Way-based leadership development programs and also served as a trainer and facilitator. Currently, Shelley oversees integration of the JWMI MBA degree with Strayer University’s 80 locations. In the role, she develops and delivers training programs, devises and executes marketing tactics, and provides leadership coaching.

This professional development opportunity is being brought to you by the Human Resources Department and Strayer University

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