Planning Nutritious Meals & Snacks

Chapter 16, By Joey Hegg

The Importance Of Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts include...

  • A toaster waffle with strawberries and instant hot cocoa made with milk.

This is very healthy because it is loaded with complex carbs, strawberries as well.

A toaster waffle is low on calories, and hot cocoa will give you energy.

  • Ham and cheese on an English muffin with carrot sticks and grapefruit juice.

Carrots, and grape juice are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Ham is chock-full of protein.

Cheese is a great source of calcium.

  • Blender shake (made with milk and sliced fruit) and whole-wheat toast.

A shake full of milk and various sliced fruit is filled with lots of vitamins and complex carbs.

Whole-wheat toast is also full of grains and complex carbs.

Guidelines For Smart Snacking

Healthy snacks include...

  • Whole Wheat crackers and peanut butter

Full of carbs and protein.

  • Fruits

Full of various vitamins.

  • Nuts

Low in calories, high in protein.

  • Milk & Carrots

High in calcium and Vitamin A

  • Oatmeal

High in many nutrients.