News for the week of Monday, January 13


Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule. Visitors this week include
  • the KEC Business Class
  • Mrs. Flanagan with Honors English II for Mythology Research
  • Ms. Mercer-Curtis with English I to select books from the "Poetry Bookstore"
  • Mrs. Schweitzer with Health to use Teen Health & Wellness and Career Cruising
  • Mrs. Page with Ag IV completing independent projects
  • GACME Club, Pins & Needles Club, and Credit Recovery
  • Drama Club's Movie Night

Please send a note ASAP if your plans have changed. Thank you!

Magazine Swap!

Need something new to read? Classroom collage box running low? Stop by the staff lunchroom to sort through donated magazines. If you have magazines to share, please add them to the piles.

Take what you want by Thursday January 16, as the remainders will be recycled on Friday.

New Titles in the LMC

AMJ's Winter Break Reads

*In RTHS Library, ^Possible purchase

In order of recommendation:

Now Reading:

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