McMahan Newsletter

September 19- September 23

News and Information

**Please do your best to make sure your child completes their homework each night
**Make sure you initial in your child’s agenda every night

Wish List

*If you would like to donate items to our classroom, these are some items we would like to have:
-18 stopwatches (we already have 2)
-6 Hot Dots pens
-Colored Copy Paper
-Treasure Box Items
-Recess Equipment
**The stopwatches will be used daily during reading, if we can get a class set**

Dates to Remember

September 21- Fall Fundraiser Orders and Money Due

October 4- Fall Pictures

What we are learning

Reading: In reading we are working on answering questions and citing text evidence to prove their answers. We will also be discussing how to answer inference questions.
Math: This week we will be using our rounding skills to estimate sums and differences. We will also begin talking about properties of addition.

**Please have your child study their addition and subtraction facts each night. Students should have mastered their basic addition and subtraction facts by the end of second grade. All third grade skills will build on those basic addition and subtraction facts.**

Social Studies: We will be finishing a unit on government. They will learn about the three branches of government. The open note government test will be Friday.

Writing: We are continuing to write personal narratives.

Contact Info

If you need to reach me, I will respond most quickly to an e-mail. If you have a question or concern that requires a quick response, you can send me a ClassDojo message. Otherwise, you can call the school to talk or set up a conference.