The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Flyer created by: Aishlin Belony

Book Summary

Jonas finally turns twelve, and is about to find out his assignment just like all the other twelves in his community. At the ceremony Jonas finds out that he has a huge task, to be the new Receiver of Memory. His training is painful and hard, Jonas receives memories from all the way in the past from way before the community and The Giver is the one to give it to him. Now Jonas learns the truth about his community and the world he is living in, and it's up to him to help everyone. Him and The Giver make up a plan to share these memories and stop the communities controlling ways and for everyone to finally have a choice.

Main Character - Jonas

Jonas is a twelve year old with a very special gift. He is able to Receive memories from way in the past. He witnesses some pretty awful stuff one of them even war. Jonas's new knowledge leads him to understand more about the community and it is not good. Now he must live with knowing terrible things and can't do anything about it. However he doesn't choose to stay silent but actually do something about it and it's very risky.

"It's the choosing that's important isn't it?"- Lois Lowry (The Giver)

Teacher-Like Questions

  • Why would the elders decide it's best to kill the old and the newborns not good enough?
  • What would you do if you just received all the memories Jonas had?
  • If the memories are released how do you think the community would react?
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Likes and Dislikes

Some things I like about The Giver is the idea that one person has the memories from everything in the past and it could be passed along. I also like when Jonas decides to go and return the memories back to the community to make things right. Things I don't like about The Giver is how the community has newborns and the old released which basically means kill. It's unfair to everyone who is being released because they don't even know what is going to happen to them.