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Respect: Earn It, Give It, Live It!


September 9, 2016 - Volume 2 - ISSUE 2

Welcome to the Seekonk High School Newsletter! It is designed to keep everyone (parents, students, staff, and community members) informed of the many events that are happening around the school. It contains links, pictures, and videos so that you have a more interactive experience and the ability to learn more (if you wish) about various topics.

As always, we welcome feedback! Let us know what you think by contacting us and sharing our news!

SHS Core Values

Seekonk High School is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment where our students can develop the skills necessary to become independent thinkers and problem solvers capable of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The staff, students, family, and community members will collaborate to create an atmosphere of compassion, appreciation of diversity, and mutual respect. We will provide stimulating academic and extracurricular programs that are relevant and engaging so we can meet the needs of all learners.

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Seekonk High School is happy to announce that Ms. Kayla Nastari and Ms. Bianca Jones have been chosen as the Freshmen Class Advisors. They will be leading the students through Spirit Week, Winter Ball, Prom, Senior Trip, and many other events and activities over the next four years! Congratulations to them both!

Mr. Censabella has a great website! Parents and students will want to visit it often. It provides an overview of what we are doing in class, homework assignments, and file attachments for most handouts distributed in class. Make sure to check it out!

It’s true! Seekonk High has a monthly book club that is open to all SHS students who like to read current young adult fiction and talk about it in a friendly, casual environment. Our first meeting is Monday, Sept. 12 and we are talking about Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, the SHS all-school summer read. Encourage your student to join or contact Mrs. Larson in the library to find out more!

School Committee Meeting - Monday, September 12 - (SHS Library)

Open House - Thursday September 15 - Open House

Your Vote is Magic Assembly - Monday, September 19 - (held in Auditorium)

Students will view a magic show explaining the importance of voting. More information on this program may be found here. As an addition to this programming, Seekonk High School will be holding their class elections at the same time.

Advanced Placement Kickoff Assembly - Thursday September 22 - (held in Auditorium)

This event is held by the Massachusetts Institute for Education as a way to highlight the success that our students are having, the hard work our teachers are putting in, and how the number of students taking and succeeding in the AP program continue to increase!

Notary Services are available for residency documents at every school in the district. If you are submitting residency paperwork, just bring it to the school and we will notarize it for you when it is submitted!

For Future Planning:

School Committee Meeting - Monday, September 26 - (SHS Library)

SAT Test - Saturday, October 1

Parent Conferences - Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 6:30

College Financing Seminar - Thursday, December 8, 2016 @ 6:30

Prom - Friday, April 28, 2017; Biltmore, Providence @ 6:30

Honor Societies Induction Ceremony - Wednesday, May 3, 2017 @ 6:30

Senior Class Day - Friday, May 26, 2017

Senior Class Night - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 7:00PM

Graduation - Friday, June 2, 2017 @6:30PM

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Seekonk teachers begin new project with the Joiner Institute during the summer!

Mrs. Cunard, Mrs. Machado-Cook, Mrs. Hellmold, and Mr. Petrucci all attended a two day workshop as part of an ongoing collaboration between the William Joiner Institute at UMass Boston and Seekonk High School. They spent the time meeting with teachers from other schools, watching presentations, and examining various themes concerning the social consequences of war and conflict. Mrs. Hellmold and Mrs. Machado-Cook were actually presenters for one of the sessions! They explained the projects they completed last year as well as the impact on the students. They should all be commended for taking the time to continually bring new, creative, and engaging learning opportunities that are tied to current, global issues to the students of Seekonk High School.
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Dr. Jones

I want to remind parents that we will be holding our annual Open House next Thursday, September 15th at 6:30PM. Please come with a copy of your students schedule.

The picture I have included hangs in our office and is a reminder that not matter how talented we believe we are or are not, we have the ability to create a positive day and overall experience for ourselves by taking responsibility for the little actions that affect larger issues:

  1. Being on Time - Being on time at the beginning of the day or for any appointment sets the tone of what happens. Whenever you are late you continually try to catch up on what you missed. Starting at a disadvantage creates frustration and anxiety; two things that work against you succeeding.
  2. Work Ethic - If you want to be better or even the best at something, you need to understand that talent alone will not get you there. You need to be willing to work hard...every day. It makes all the difference.
  3. Effort - Nothing comes easy. In fact, putting a little effort in is better than nothing. Your day will not get any better, your chances of improving your performance or attitude, and your perspective of the current situation will not change without you putting in the effort to make it happen on your own.
  4. Body Language - How you look says more about you than what you say. If you dress poorly, roll your eyes at people, or slouch around you will not give a positive impression or improve your situation.
  5. Energy - If you are low energy, the day will drag. If you are high energy, things get done, people react positively toward you, and life will appear a little easier.
  6. Attitude - You only have control over how you respond to your circumstances. You can either sit around and complain about how bad things are or set your mind to the fact that you have the ability to make them better. Don't look at it as whether the glass is half full or half empty. Instead, be grateful you even have a glass.
  7. Passion - Be passionate about whatever you do. If you aren't going to give 100% effort to be the best you can be; why bother. You will spend too much energy for too little results.
  8. Being Coachable - We all make mistakes. As they say; "pobody's nerfect". Look to accept constructive criticism. If you can't, people will stop helping you. And we all need help from time to time.
  9. Doing Extra - Always go the extra mile. As soon as you think you have done enough; try doing a little more. This often results in building stronger connections with people, staying a step ahead, and producing better results
  10. Being Prepared - Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. Nothing beats being prepared...ever. Think of the difference in the feeling you have when you don't have your homework done and when you do. Something that small makes a huge difference.

If you are interested, I recently posted another blog entry titled "The Cost of Playing Up". I have received a lot of feedback suggesting I share it in this forum.

Remember to get updates via social media by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter (@SeekonkHS)! You can also follow my Twitter (@DrCSJones) or blog (I do not write nearly as often as I should) for updates and posts about character and educational (mostly) issues/topics/resources.

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Guidance - Mrs. Whatley

A low-cost home internet service may be available to you. If you have a school age child and qualify for free or reduced lunch you may be able to receive Internet Essentials from Comcast for $9.95 per month. More information is available at or by calling 1-855-846-8376 Having home internet is helpful to ensure that students and families stay connected to online information.

College Financial Aid 101 is a webinar sponsored by Discover Student Loans. With changes taking place with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, the are offering two evening webinars in October. The links to register for these webinars are listed below. The links are a resource for financial aid information, not a recommendation to use Discover Student Loans.

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Assistant Principal - Mr. Aguiar

Reminder To All Parents Dropping Off Students In The Morning

In order to maintain a safe environment in the parking lot before school

all students need to be dropped off in front of the main office.

Weekly Policy Reminder:

Extra Academic Help Available

Teachers are available twice per week (varies by teacher) to give extra assistance to our students from 2-2:45. I encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity to receive small group academic assistance throughout the school year.

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warrior cries

Warrior cries are shout outs to staff and students here at Seekonk High School. They are our way of recognizing hard work, creative thinking, and characteristics that make us proud to be part of this community. Please contact Dr. Jones if you wish to give a "warrior cry" to someone!

Mrs. Melissa Mello and Ms. Kate Wilson...."I have not had much involvement with school other than meeting today with Mrs. Mello, and Ms. Kathleen Wilson regarding some <assistance my student> needed. I was so impressed with them both. They are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in helping students learn in the best environment that is available to them. I cannot even express how much it meant to me that they both not only listened to all my worries and concerns but also included <the student> and discussed simple ways to improve <his/her> learning and overall academic experience. Ms. Wilson has already improved <my student's> confidence and self-esteem, she immediately began helping and teaching <him/her> skills and techniques to be more organized and learn more effectively in a way that <he/she> feels good instead of bad about <himself/herself>. Both Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Mello, were so reassuring without even knowing or meaning to be. I greatly appreciated the time they gave me and their obvious dedication and knowledge helping students to be the best they can be. I look forward to many more positive experiences and conversations as my children continue to grow and learn throughout High School." - SHS Parent

Mr. Ben Gibbons, Ms. Kayla Nastari, and Mrs. Walek..."We just wanted to take a minute to give you a bit of positive feedback about your TAP teachers, in particular Ben Gibbons. Mr. Gibbons has been an outstanding mentor for our <student>. He understands and supports <him/her> in more ways than we can count, and always with compassion, dignity, attention to detail, and a straightforward approach. When Ben communicates with us at home, he is unfailingly kind, he listens well, and he offers intelligent feedback and sage advice. Similarly, Ms. Nastari and Mrs. Waleck have been instrumental in helping <our student> figure out high school. I can't say enough good things about these young professionals you have working with you at SHS. The world needs lots of teachers in their mold." - SHS Parents

who we are - getting to know our staff

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Various staff members are being asked to share 5 things about themselves in an effort to let everyone know about who makes up Seekonk High School's community. This week is:

Mrs. Caitlin Pereira

  1. I am a townie through and through. I went to school in Seekonk all the way up to my graduation in 2006. I still live in town today. I am fortunate enough to be starting my 7th year here as a Physical Education teacher. I still can't call some of my previous teachers by their first name.

  2. My husband and I had our first child last March. She is the best part of my day. Our huskies Maverick and Aurora are great with her! Being a parent is the hardest yet most rewarding job out there and it's only just begun!
  3. My husband also graduated from Seekonk in 2006. He has his name on the 1,000 point banner for basketball. Needless to say our daughter is already being bred to be a basketball player.
  4. I love being a Coach. Being a three sport athlete in high school and playing softball at Springfield College makes it hard to stay away. I had some great coaches in my life. My only hope is that I can transfer some of those life skills and knowledge to the student athletes I come into contact with now.
  5. My favorite things: Family, Furbabies, Harry Potter, Disney, Traveling, Teaching, Outdoors, Sports, Movies

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Music - Mr. Smialek

Please note that the second evening Marching Band rehearsal that was originally scheduled for Sept. 14th has been moved to Tuesday, September 13th from 6:30- 8:00 pm. The Marching Band will perform at the SHS football game on Friday, September 16th. The report time is 5:45, the game starts at 7 pm.

The Seekonk Music Parents Association is having a Bake Sale at the Seekonk Save A Pet Societies' Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday, September 17th if anyone would like to donate baked goods for this event. A flyer has been sent home with the details about the bake sale with the Band students.

A reminder that all deposits for the 2017 Band Disney trip are due no later than September 15th. If anyone needs a copy of the paper work, please email Mr. Smialek.

Just a reminder that all Marching Band students are required to complete and return a head injury form. These were mailed home in the summer and extra copies handed out to students this fall. If students have not returned this form, they should do so ASAP. Also all Freshmen band students should return the medical for for trips now as well if they have not already done so.

A Brass Ensemble of students from the SHS Bands will be performing at the Seekonk 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at the Seekonk Public Safety Complex on Monday, September 12th at 6 pm. Thanks to those students that volunteered to perform for this event.

All Band students will be receiving a listing of all of the 2016-17 rehearsal and performance dates at their next band class. Please look for this and keep a copy handy. This will also be posted on the SHS Band Website as well.

SHS Model UN Team Kicks Off Its 5th Year!

All students are invited to join Model United Nations, Seekonk High's biggest academic team! Student can come for an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 14 right after school in the library! Students will:

  • Meet the officers and hear about the year's trips & competitions
  • Find out what REALLY happens at Model UN (hint: it's fun!)

Encourage your student to come to the meeting or contact Mrs. Larson in the library to find out more!

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Nurse - Mrs. Rok

Thank you to all the parents who submitted medications, Epi-pens, inhalers and all the required paper work. Several are still outstanding and should be submitted as soon as possible.

Mandated screening (scoliosis, vision, hearing, height and weight) begins in October for all grade 9 and 10 students who have Physical Education this semester. If you do not want your child to participate in the screenings,an email or note needs to submitted to Mrs. Rok by October 1, 2016.

You may contact me by email or phone (508) 336-7272 if you have any questions or concerns.

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Sports - Mr. Crippen

All next week signups will be held for Seekonk High School's first ever Unified Basketball Team. Student athletes may sign up at all three lunches.

Congratulations to the Seekonk High School Field Hockey Coaching staff who led the Lady Warriors to an opening day victory over Fairhaven 6-0 Thursday at Seekonk High behind Cloe Lunnie’s three goals and Hannah Bedrosian's two.

Coach Kim Pellerin is beginning her thirtieth year coaching the Seekonk Field Hockey while Assistant Coach Cathy Fernandes is entering her twentieth year on the Seekonk Field Hockey staff. Truly a remarkable achievement!

The Seekonk Golf team played two matches last week against Dighton-Rehoboth and Old Rochester Regional, two of the league’s most formidable opponents. Ben Brady, Chris Fernandes, Tanner Emond and Andrew Silveira turned in solid efforts.

The Seekonk Girls Soccer team opened their season with a 4-4 tie against Durfee High School in a match played at Cole Street Wednesday. Ally Patterson scored three goals in the match. The girls will host Fairhaven Friday afternoon at Cole Street at 3:30.

Good luck to Coach Crawford and all the members of this year’s Seekonk Football team as they open their season Friday night in New Bedford at 7 PM against New Bedford Voke.

The same can be said to Coach McCartin and the members of the Seekonk Boys’ Soccer team who will open their season Friday afternoon over in Fairhaven.

Coach Earl Berwick’s Volleyball squad dropped their season opener to Durfee High School despite strong efforts from Kirsten Fernandes and Luke Klegraefe. The team plays at Seekonk Friday evening against Fairhaven.

Thursday evening the Seekonk Boys and Girls Cross Country teams held their annual Parents Meeting and Time Trial Run under the lights at Seekonk High School. The team is preparing for its season opening meet which will be this Tuesday, September 13, at 3:30 at Seekonk High against Case High School.

For a complete listing of upcoming contests be sure to check out the full Athletic Schedule

Contact Information

We strive to keep communication open and ongoing. You may contact us through any of the following ways. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.