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May 1, 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We would not be the school that we are without each of you! You are truly a blessing to me and to all of our students every single day. My hope is that this week you will feel appreciated, affirmed, and acknowledged for the dedication and heart you pour into our school every day. Even though I know I do not tell you thank you enough, I hope you know through my actions that I appreciate all that you are and all that you do for our school. Love to you all!


Tuesday, May 3rd

4th and 5th grade teachers will attend PASS training. K-3rd grade teachers will meet with us to discuss our upcoming LIteracy event and Spring Fling.

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

As I told you earlier, we have purchased the book Oh, The Places You Will Go for our fifth grade students to give them at their graduation event. We are going to place the books in our data room. We will have a sticky note by each book with a student's name on it. Please stop by the data room over the next three weeks to write in these books. You may want to write in the books of the students you taught. You may want to write a longer message to a student that you connected with over the years. You can sign your name or write a longer note. I will place them in the data room Tuesday morning. This is be a very special keepsake for our students.

Summer Tutoring and Summer School

We will be offering summer tutoring here for specific students in grades k-3. The district is providing summer school for students in grades 4-5. Please make sure you have sent me any student's names that you feel need summer tutoring or summer school. Also, any student that you feel is not ready for the upcoming grade and are considering retention, make sure I have those names by this Wednesday. Retention is a major decision. We will meet about students who you are most concerned about in the coming days and make sure we have a plan for them. Please send me names by this Wednesday.

Big Brother/Big Sister

We are in the process of adding more big brothers and big sisters to our mentoring program. We are beginning with additional fifth grade students. We would like for those students to meet during their recess Wednesday to design their posters. We will unveil the new big brothers and big sisters this Thursday at 2:00. We will send you the list this week.

15 Days

We have a little more than 15 school days left for instruction taking out Field Day, Spring Fling, etc. Use these 15 days to push those readers who are not reading at the level where they should be reading at this time of the year. Meet with your lowest reading group every single day. Push hard teachers! We want to give our readers as many tools as we can to get them reading on grade level.

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way! We hope! :-)

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