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How To Be A Woman While Waiting for Hormones

For many transgender women, the road to getting approved gender reassignment can be long and exhausting. Getting a prescription for hormone replacement therapy is also no different. There is going to be lots of exhausting laboratory tests and a long process of psychological tests. For many transgender women, the long wait can be frustrating and sometimes, depressing. To help get transgender women through this long journey, here are some simple yet helpful tips to make the journey more fun and less frustrating:

• Eat well and exercise

While exercising is something you should be doing regardless of your gender identity, this is one that can help you lessen stress. There are many exercise routines you can do to help you achieve not just a healthier lifestyle but a more feminine figure. Doing squats can help you achieve Beyonce’s booty.

• Keep your skin smooth and supple.

Dry and dull is no skin for a lady. Do yourself a favor and moisturize your body from head to toe. Applying moisturizer will not only keep your skin smooth and feminine but is also a way to relax. Use gentle strokes when applying your moisturizer to help ease out stress.

• Grow hair and lose some.

One of the first things that come to mind for many transgender women is to grow their hair. Although you can always opt for a shorter do, growing your hair while waiting for your hormones is the simplest and cheapest thing you can do to align your body with the gender you identify with. And while you are growing your hair on your head, you might want to lose hair on some parts of your body. Keep facial and underarm hair in check and smoothen out your legs.

• Shop for more dresses.

Shopping can be therapeutic (at least for those who have the means to splurge). It doesn’t have to be expensive but building a new wardrobe can be beneficial. Take out your manly clothes and replace them with more feminine dresses.

• Practice your makeup skills.

Makeup is a girl’s best friend. Yes, you don’t need makeup to be a woman but if you are a fan, this is the perfect opportunity for you to practice your makeup skills. Learn how to contour or keep your brows on fleek by watching makeup tutorials online and trying it out on yourself or on your friends.

• Lose the big voice.

Unlike transgender men, hormones can’t do anything for a transgender woman’s voice. Blame it on Adam’s apple all you want but practicing your feminine tone is all it takes to get that sing-song voice.

These are all just simple, fun, and superficial way to help you feel more feminine. These tips are in no way trying to define what being a woman is about. Do the things that will make you feel more feminine and happy. The last and most important tip is: love yourself. You don’t have to focus on changing yourself physically but instead focus on loving yourself and go back to the reasons why you want to transition so you can better understand your own femininity and embrace it.