Green Revolution and GMOs

Aravind Nair

Causes and Effects of the Bengal Famine

There were 3 main crops in Bengal harvested in different seasonal changes: Aman- winter, Aus- autumn, and Boro- spring. The most important of the three was the winter crop which accounted for 70% percent of the rice production in Bengal but a cyclone in the winter of 1942 affected this crop and subsequent diseases caused even more reduction. This occurred while the Japanese occupied Burma and cut off all imports of rice and resulted in the Bengal Famine of 1943.

3 Basic Elements of the Green Revolution in India

There were three basic elements of the green revolution in India- continued expansion of farming areas, double-cropping existing, and using seeds with improved genetics. Continued expansion of farming areas was the continuous cultivation of land and expanding farmland. Double-cropping existing meant that two crops would have to be harvested per year and if that were the case there would need to be two monsoons but since there is only one monsoon per year there would be 1 natural and 1 artificial. The artificial monsoon would be using large amounts of irrigation where water saved from the natural monsoon collected by dams would be used. Seed with improved genetics developed through strains were called high-yielding value including wheat and rice as well as millet and corn.

Positive results (2 general, economic, sociologic, or political)

- can grow crop virtually anywhere

- produce plants resistant to pesicide and herbicide

- process of farming can become a form of automation. (economic)

- can replant same crops without leaving land fallow. (economic)

- able to grow large scale crops. (economic)

Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms


- Qualitative and Appealing

- Better Nutritional Value

- Resitance to disease

- Produce Higher Crop Yields

- Can be Engineered to Withstand Weather Fluctuations.


- No Economic Value

- Bodily Resistance to Antibiotics

- Allergic Reactions

- Cancer

- Superweeds

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