Society's Expectations

Kaitlyn Moore

Main Characters

Taylor- convinced that she isn't skinny enough. (When in reality she weighs about 100 pounds) and is bullied & labeled "anorexic" by some people and "fat" by others.

Alex- Taylor's best friend. Who cares a lot abut Taylor and thinks that Taylor's obsession with being "skinny" and "perfect" is getting to be really unhealthy for her and scary.

Justin- Taylor's brother (older) and is also like her best friend. He sees that Taylor has a problem but doesn't know how to help her.

Kayla- the main bully. Jealous of Taylor so she does everything in her power to make Taylor feel worse about herself.


This play is about the idea that society expects girls (especially teens) to be skinny and perfect. But you can't be too skinny or you're anorexic and you have any fat or you're too big. This play portrays the struggle of an 16 year old girl that goes through high school but has trouble with making friends and seeing the good side of life. Will Taylor make it though high school okay? Or will there be a major meltdown?

Will She Survive High School?