Golf over two inches

The story of Perth's historical courses

You know me as the Starter on the North Inch Golf Course. Over the last six months I have been researching this subject. I have now put it all together in a short book. The book will not improve your handicap but it will substantially improve your knowledge, and thus your enjoyment, of the hallowed turf on which we play.

Perth and its two Inch courses are often mentioned in passing when golf history books are written. The two items referred to are the purchase of clubs, from a Perth bow maker, by the King in 1502 and the great tournament, involving, among others, Old and Young Tom Morris, in 1864. Rarely are any more details given. This offers no justice whatsoever to two courses which have a rich and varied history going back to the very beginning of the game.

I have set out the full story of how each course developed. The South Inch had twelve holes up to the 1850's. It then fell into disuse. The North Inch initially had six finishing at the dry arch. The present course was set up in the nineteen twenties. All the extraneous issues are there too, from the act of 1457 which banned golf, right up to the flood problems of today.

This book will not be available in the shops. It is being sold by advance payment only. It is the only way a private individual can publish. The cost of £10 exactly represents the printing costs and rest assured there is no personal gain.

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The book will be available at Easter. Please preorder before 17th March 2013 to ensure you have a copy.

Cheques payable to myself should be mailed to Coruisk, 28 Poplar Crescent, Fairhill, Perth. PH1 1HR.

There has never been a book solely devoted to these two courses.

I do hope you will buy a copy.


Ian Cairns