Twelfth Night Vs. She's the Man

Haley Chatman & Kelly Manzanares

Berif Summary on She's the Man and The Twelfth Knight

She's the Man is based from of Shakespeare comedy with a story line of a young lady named Viola with a tom boy side ,raised in a high class family with a heart filled of love for soccer. After her all girls team was cut from her school she doesn't give up her passion for soccer. Viola shows what real girl power is and, goes undercover pretending to be her brother twin Sebastian that is for filling his rock star dreams in London , and so she joins the boys soccer disguise as him to show girls are just as good.

The Twelfth Night is an Shakespeare original comedy , the story is based on a young lady name Viola that is separate from her twin brother Sebastian in a ship wreck. Mourning over the death of her twin brother she disguise as him and becomes the right hand man to a man named Duke. As the story goes on there is a lot of betrayal and romance as the journey goes on for Viola.

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Trailer: Twelfth Night or what you will

Complex Plot For Shes the Man & The Twelfth Knight

In Shes the Man has its complex plot scene when her twin brother comes home early from his gigs in London. To makes matters worse they put him in the soccer instead of Viola and and the principal tries to exposed "her".

In The Twelfth Knight a complex scene in the movie is when she "Viola" is reunited with twin brother Sebastian, who she thought was dead but can also be an happy ending.

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Viola and Sebastian Reunite

Comedy Chart for Shes The Man and The Twelfth Knight

In Shes the Man has a farce comedy to it, because the characters in the movie are controlled by situations that seem to have no control. It also has misunderstandings and coincidences that normally wouldn't happen in real life.

In The Twelfth Knight the comedy for it in is comedy of manners, because it relies on puns and examines and satirizes the attitudes and customs of a high society. It also has clever insults , put downs, puns, and paradoxes.