By: Nicole Terrell & Cloe Allen


The ability to use the body to express emotion, to play a sport, and to create a new invention

How to Learn using Bodily-Kinesthetic

These students learn best by being hands on or physical activities. They have to be moving or making things in order to help them focus and completely understand what they are doing.

Five Examples of Learning Activities

  1. Science- conduct many experiments and have the children set up their own experiment
  2. Math- for addition and subtraction give them legos and let them play around and take legos away from a pile or add legos to the pile
  3. History- Have them create skits based on an event in the time period they are learning
  4. English- Have students act out a chapter of the book
  5. Geography- make a puzzle of the world and have them put the puzzle together so they learn where all the countries are

One Example of a Learning Activity that could be Incorporated in your Site-Based Classroom

In second grade we are learning vibrations for science, one thing they could do is the teacher can set up drums and have each of the children hit the drums with a drum stick to see what makes the vibrations.