Technology in Education

Courtney Bryant


Throughout time, technology has come to be part of everyday life in today’s society. Not only do we have this access in just our social lives, but we also have the ability to use technology in the classroom.

The Advantages

Because of the advancement in technology we have come to a day in age where we are using it in our every day lives. We have come to start using it in the classroom. It has effected us in both negative and positive ways. The positive effects are faster results. Technology makes things to where you can have anwers at your finger tips within minutes. Sometimes even seconds. Colleges are now replacing paper with computers and tablets because it is easier for everyone. Students are now more productive with technology.

What are some of the disadvantages?

One example of a negative impact is that students have the ability to be on social media and do many more things than actually do their work when needed. Some students care more about their socail lives than actually getting a good education. Cyber-bulling is also a big factor. People post pictures of others and usually they are not in a good way.