Q3 Workshop Coming!

Let's Get Ready!

Flipping Our Prep - A little PREWORK

There are 4 low-lift tasks to prepare for our workshop next week. They will take you less than 20 minutes! Check out the tasks below to prepare for our day! More details about our workshop here!

#1 Starting the Day in Action

Just like in Q2, we will start the day in action for Q3. Watch the video below (3 min) before arriving at the workshop, so you know what to do!
Open Space Protocol

#2 Register for the Credit Course

If you are planning to take the second PL Champ credit course, please register ASAP. Registration information is here! (5 min)

#3 Bring a printed copy of a Playlist to Share!

BOGO Resource Share! Bring one, Get one! Bring a physical copy of a playlist, and you will leave with a different example from someone else. Feel free to print a screenshot of an online playlist or grab one form a colleague! (5 min)

#4 Describe Learning Walks at your School

We will be expanding our thinking on what learning walks are and can be! Please briefly describe learning walks at your school here! (3 min)