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latest information from the South Hill Elementary library.


Hello 2020! We have SO many exciting things happening this year already in library class at South Hill. I can not wait for you to hear and see all the wonderful things we will be doing.

GRASSHOPR Graduate Student School Outreach Program Cornell University

An exciting opportunity for second graders is coming to library!

GRASSHOPR pairs Cornell graduate students with teachers in Tompkins, Tioga, and Seneca counties to teach 3-to 5-session mini-courses on topics related to the graduate student’s field or interests.

We have a wonderful PhD student Deanna who will starting with us next week! She specializes in robotics for children. She has so many ideas for great lessons surrounding robotics and engineering! I can not wait to see what we have in store for us.

Book Commercials and Book trailers

Your student is about to be famous! Students in grades 3-5 are currently creating their very own book commercials and book trailers. I will share them all with each family when we are done with this exciting project! Check out a few below!
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Upcycled Instruments

3rd grade students will be engaging in an interdisciplinary study in library, art, and music in the coming months. Based on the anchor text Ada’s Violin: The story of the recycled orchestra of Paraguay, by Susan Hood. Have your student tell you about this amazing true story and ours plan to have them re-purpose items to make their own instruments and perform at an upcoming South Hill Shines!

Help us with our “recycled instruments!”

Third graders are going to take part in a fun project where we design, build, and decorate our own instruments made out of trash! To help us have a large selection of materials to choose from, please consider donating some of the following items:

-Cereal boxes (and smaller please!), cardboard tubes (paper towel,

wrapping paper, toilet paper), paper plates, metal pie plates, egg cartons,

Pringle cans, twisty ties, rubber bands, etc…

Please make sure that whatever you donate, you follow these important rules:

-Materials should be CLEAN

-All materials should be recyclable

-Make sure materials are safe for our use (not sharp)!

We will be accepting materials from now until the week after we return from Winter Recess. Just think of all the trash you can donate after our holiday season is over!

Please bring all materials directly to the Music Room.....thanks for your help!

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Open a world of reading! Try Sora, the new reading app for students, by OverDrive. See the directions below.

Computer Science Week was a BLAST!

Students has a great time programming BeeBots, Cubelets, computer coding and more during computer science week. Check out these photos and more of what we did on my twitter page.