Scavenger Hunt

By: Connor Wilson, Cody Temple, Winn Hernmanski


acidic solution- any aqueous solution with more H+ ions than OH-, pH less than 7
basic solution- any aqueous solution with more OH- ions that H+, pH greater than 7
neutral solution- any aqueous solution with an equal amount of OH- and H+ ions, pH of 7

pH Scale

Acids 0-6 (left)
Neural 7 (center)
Bases 8-14 (right)
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1) Research items online with varying pHs from 1-12

2) Create a listed of materials to be tested

3) Gather materials to begin testing, store materials in appropriate temperatures (read labels)

4) Cut strips into half

5) Test each substance

6) Use a pipet to drop three drops of the material on the pH paper

7) Observe result, compare with pH scale

8) Take a photo of the strip, material used, and the pH scale.

9) Repeat until 12 items with distinct pHs are used.

10) Record results and analyze the data

11) Create a S’more to summarize the results

Predicted pH Values of Substances

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Actual pH Values of Substance

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