The Water cycle

By: Alex Brown

Get to know the water cycle

Welcome to the water cycle. now you may be asking Alex what is the water cycle? The water cycle is how water gets from and to places like from a lake to an ocean.

The main and minor parts in The water cycle

here are the main parts.

1. Evaporation

2. Condensation

3. Precipitation

4. Run-Off

Here are the minor parts.

1. Transpiration

2. Filtration

What happens in the water cycle

Here is an example of the water cycle.

1.water evaporates from the lake near by and turns into water vapor(Evaporation)

2. the water vapor cool's down and then it condenses into water droplets(Condensation)

3. the water droplets form together to make a cloud(Condensation)

4. the water droplets become to heavy and fall back to the ground(Precipitation)

5. then all of the water flows back into a lake (Run-Off)

6.the process starts all over

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