February News from the Media Center

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Turnitin Webcast: The Plagiarism Spectrum

This is a 30 minute webcast which gives an overview of the ten types of plagiarism. The webcast describes how these types of plagiarism are found to be used as discovered by other teachers and professors. (Go to timestamp 1:23 to avoid audio issue during introductions.) Source: Turnitin.com


Turnitin Webcast: The Plagiarism Spectrum

YALSA's Teen Book Finder App

This is a free app used to help teachers, students, parents and anyone who wants access to YA literature find reads that are award winners. The app uses YALSA literature awards from the past five years to gather informations on these reads and provide you with an award winning selection found right on your device!

Assignment Idea!

Directions to Write a Book Review on Follett Destiny

Rate and add a review on a book in our

# CavosRead Media Center collection!

Go to: https://emerson.follettdestiny.com

To add a review:

1. Find the book you want to review under the catalog tab.

2. Then select Details and the Review Tab.

3. To add a review on the select book, click Add Review.

4. Complete the fields (star rating and your review text) as needed.

NOTE: The Enter your comments below... field allows a max of 1,000 characters.

5. Click Save.

6. Once a review is approved it is available to others to see.

7. To see your review search your title in the catalog again and click on the review link.

Look who's reading!

Repeat from last newsletter.....Creative scheduling this year for Media Center visits!

If you are interested in bringing your class to the Media Center, it can be accomplished even with study halls meeting in here.

  • Step 1: contact lthomas@emersonschools.org (Ext 1402); or visit my new office (Lisa Ring's old office) location.
  • Step 2: tell me the periods you will need.
  • Step 3: you will be contacted as to what study halls have fewer students, and on what days.
  • Step 4: you will be added and invited to the Media Center calendar.

Also: Reserve signs will be placed on tables for your classes. Study halls will be asked to sit in specific locations, but will STILL BE in the room. Please note: I teach Period 8 and cannot schedule then; I have duties Period 1, 3 and 7 but can still schedule those periods on certain days. Our Media Center calendar can be viewed here: CALENDAR. You can add our calendar by clicking on the bottom right icon, (like the one pictured below) of the calendar at this link.

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