Who was Teddy?

By: Kyla Lanier

About Teddy

Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) was the 26th president, and formed the Bull Moose Party in order to run again for the 28th president. He wanted to run again because Taft didn't follow what Teddy was going for. Teddy was against monopolies, but Taft wasn't and let them do what they wanted. In the end the votes were split between them, so Woodrow Wilson ended up becoming the 28th president instead.

Upton Sinclair wrote the Jungle. He then went to Teddy and convinced him to pass the Pure Food & Drug Act. This act made it to where places that sold food would be inspected routinely to make sure they were serving clean and pure food. Teddy was born October 27th, 1858 and died January 6, 1919

Fun Facts

  • Had 6 kids
  • 1st president to win the Nobel Prize
  • Fought in the Spanish-American War
  • Teddy bears were named after him
  • Was home-schooled
  • Married 2 times
  • Mother and 1st wife died on the same day
  • Went skinny dipping in the Potomac River
  • Blind in one eye due to a boxing accident in the White House
  • Author
  • Scaled the Matterhorn