Forms of Energy

Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources

Today's Assignment

Today you will investigate the most common sources of energy. You will investigate each your assigned type of energy using the website listed below. You will write notes on notebook paper. You will also list the advantages and disadvantages. You will design your advertising poster that shows how the energy is created and the advantages & disadvantages. You will then debate your energy source in front of the class. Your classmates will vote on the winner of the debate.

Do two Brain Pops! You need to watch and take the quizzes for 'Energy Sources' AND for your type of energy.

Some forms of energy:

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Coal Power

Look at Fossil Fuels and then click on Coal at the bottom of the page.

Natural Gas Power

Read about Fossil Fuels and then click on Natural Gas at the bottom of the page.

Read about sources of energy, greenhouses gases & global warning, and air pollution on the following links.