Hammer Killer

Maaike Goudy


In this case a woman, Marissa Devault, allegedly beat her husband with a hammer in what she claimed was "self defense" however some believe this is not true because her story kept changing over time. Also there could be evidence against this.


In the video they discuss their experiment, and that she would have been standing over him, and the way the drops of blood fell could tell which direction the blood flew and whether it was cast off or not.

There is also the fact that a hammer is not the first murder weapon that would come to mind unless it is the first object they could reach, so this was probably not a planned murder.

She says that her husband has physically assaulted her before in which she has received a fractured skull, her arm popped out of its socket, and her eye swollen shut from being slapped.

Recently life insurance on the husband had gone up and Marissa was in debt.

Testimony gets graphic in Marissa DeVault trial

My Opinion

I honestly have no idea what to make of this trial. There are many contradicting pieces of evidence that throw me off. What I think is probably what happened might be a mixture of things. Marissa probably did want to kill her husband, and he probably did rape her that night, but I think she came back from going to the bathroom and attacked, but I don't think it was planned for that night or that way. It probably should not be considered first degree murder.