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Notes From Mrs. Hamp

  • Report cards went home on Friday. Please sign the envelope and send it back to school.
  • Book orders will be going home on Monday. These orders will be due on Friday January 15th.
  • On Monday, January 11, the counselors from both Bryan and Barnwell will be coming to our school to talk to the students about their options in middle school. They will be coming home with a packet and together you will be able to register them for classes on line.
  • Please remember to bring in a clear 2 liter bottle on Monday so that we may begin out science experiment.
  • We will begin our D.A.R.E. program this month. A permission slip will come home soon and we will begin on January 27.

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Winner: ZOEY

She will be completing with other students on January 21st. Another congratulations is in order to our runner-up Jeslyn.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: Latin suffix -ence

Math: We will be learning how to evaluate expressions. We will then move onto working on addition/subtraction expressions and multiplication/division expressions. Towards the end of the week we will be finishing up Topic 8 by working on patterns and relationships of expressions. We will be taking our Topic 8 test next Tuesday. I have started to upload videos onto our google classroom that goes along with the topics that we have been learning about. You can use these videos to help with homework or to review for the test.

Reading: While reading multiple stories throughout the week, we will be looking at the characters of the story and observe how they have changed throughout the story. We will also take a look at two characters and compare and contrast their character traits as well as how they respond to events that take place in the story.

Writing and Science: This week we will begin to explore the scientific method. We will be creating terrariums and logging in responses as to if our seeds grow under a variety of circumstances. While we watch seeds grow in our terrarium, we will begin to talk about the water cycle.

Phonics List

Week 17: Latin Suffix -ence

Meaning: State of being

independence, excellence, obedience, innocence, absence, sequence, residence, silence, patience, circumference, dependence, confidence

Happy Birthday!

Reena - January 15

Mark your Calendar

January 11: Middle school visit

January 15: Book orders Due

January 18: NO SCHOOL

January 21: Spelling Bee

January 27: D.A.R.E begins