RES Staff Update

2018-2019 Back-to-School Edition

Hashtag for 2018-2019

Our official hashtag for this year is #successatRES

We are looking forward to a SUCCESSFUL year at Robison!!

Staffing Updates

We have hired a few new Rockets. Be on the lookout to welcome these amazing people!

AB Teacher: Steve Rosner

Music: Susan Gayle

Kindergarten: Melissa Elrod

Pre-K Para: Ashley Schneider

Instructional Para: Heather Nix

They will attend a new staff orientation on Friday, August 10 and then come to Robison that afternoon for a luncheon and for more information. We are excited to have this fabulous crew join us!

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Staff Get Together

Everyone is invited to join us at Cypress Trail Hideout on Thursday, August 16 @ 4:30 pm for a staff get together before the work begins. The school will take care of ordering appetizers and you are on your own for your beverages. Let's get this SUCCESSFUL year started!

Teacher Introductions


Please take a moment to film your introduction using Flipgrid. This is a great way for our students to see their teachers and learn a little bit about them before Meet the Teacher.

Here is the link:

The password is Rockets2018

Moving In

While you are not required to move in before you are back on campus, we know many of you are excited to do so. The building will be open on Tuesday, August 7 from 8 am to 4 pm for you. Please watch this video and make sure that you follow the specific guidelines set by our fire marshal. ALL furniture that does not belong to Robison must be approved by your AP. We will be strictly enforcing fire code guidelines, so there is not much room for extra furniture. Any day that you come up to school to work in your room BEFORE August 20, please sign in with Sally. The building will also be open from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday, August 18.

Team Shirts

We will continue with having Team Shirt Tuesdays this year. For clarification, here are the assigned teams for team shirts:

  • PPCD and Pre-K teachers AND Ashley Schneider, Patty Fuentes, Karen Morgan, and our new PPCD para

  • Kindergarten Teachers

  • 1st Grade Teachers

  • 2nd Grade Teachers

  • 3rd Grade Teachers

  • 4th Grade Teachers

  • 5th Grade Teachers

  • Special Education: Sarah Behen, Arlyn Garza, Rita Healy, Angela Lemos, Gina Marlow, Steve Rosner, Sharon McLaurin, Avonda Adams, Connie Corley, Sandra Victoria, Adrianna Gonzalez, Valerie Lindsay, and Lisa Murray

  • Large Group: Susan Gayle, Bridget Horton, Jennifer Vargas, and Maria Guerra

  • Reading Enrichment/Dyslexia: Kelly Oetken and Lisa Carlat

  • Instructional Paras: Steffani Fournet, Nicole Grimaldo, Jan Hartman, Heather Nix, and our new instructional para

  • Office Paras: Julie Carter, Angela Johnson, and Diana Roberts

  • A-Team

August Professional Development

The sites for August PD are shown below. The times have been changed back to 8:00 to 4:00 with a 30-minute lunch discussion that will be assigned. Lunch is scheduled for 90 minutes in order to give you time to get somewhere and to be back on time. Please be sure that you arrive on time from lunch each day since the district is allowing you to keep the 8:00 to 4:00 hours. Thank you!

CTE for 2018-2019

In order to earn your CTE day for next year, please be sure you read below.


All grades, except 2nd, will be reading Kids Deserve It. Please read this book PRIOR to your return in August. We will hear Adam Welcome in August, and your first reflection on the book will be due in September. The questions will be sent through Google Classroom.

The second-grade team will be reading Blended Learning in Action. If you would like to choose this book instead of Kids Deserve It, you are welcome to do so. Teachers reading this book will have questions on Google classroom related to this book.

Links to both books are below:,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=detail

Both books are available electronically for a few less dollars than the paperback editions. I do have a few copies of Kids Deserve It that may be borrowed--first come, first serve.

These will be easy, but enjoyable reads for everyone! The reflection questions will give everyone a chance to interact and share their learning. The best part of this is that you can do this from home, and we do not have to find a date when everyone can attend.


CTE will be your 3 hours of the CFISD Compliance Training completed off contract, and participating in 4 additional hours for back-to-school events, such as Meet the Teacher (2 events--kindergarten and 1st-5th).

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Professional Development Opportunities

Are you interested in growing your knowledge in the area of technology and teaching strategies? This summer, our cluster is looking to hold an EduConference at one of our campuses to provide you the opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge on a technology-related topic, please let me know.

Some of you are familiar with Seesaw, the app that teachers can use to digitally store student work. Here is a link to the app if you are not familiar:

If you haven't considered being a Seesaw ambassador, check this out:

Being an ambassador allows you to use the premium features for free and affords you the opportunity to collaborate with other ambassadors.

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